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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so im starting over, once again. a clean slate. a new place to ramble on about life, love, and the fact that one of my dogs got into the garbage and feasted on some bbq ribs on my new rug today. life never ceases to keep me on my toes, thats for sure.

other than that, did anyone catch Dancing With The Stars' premier last night? i don't know why, but i absolutely love that show. maybe because its reality tv that doesn't breed bad or negative things. its always fun to watch. after one round i think olympic gold medalist evan lysacek and nicole scherzinger from the pussycat dolls are going to be the front runners, buzz aldrin was the most adorable 80 year old man, and pamela anderson was, you guessed it, a HOT mess-- entertainment at its finest. and did anyone think i was A-super cheesy to have bachelor jake dance with a rose and to seal's "kiss from a rose"? and what was gia doing there with vienna?? CA-RAZY. be sure to vote HERE if you watch!!

as most of you know i'm getting certified to teach- i've completed my face-to-face training, my in class experience, and am almost finished with the online supplements and quizzes... which leaves the big 'ole TeXes exam. i'll be head in a book brushing up on my 4-8th grade math, reading, science, social studies, and english! think good thoughts!! i have to pass the exam to get a job, and i NEED a teaching job! it really is a lot of fun and i'm enjoying it more than i thought! i still love design, and am still doing things on the side, but something has to pay the bills!

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