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Friday, August 24, 2012

i haven't posted anything in two months. TWO MONTHS. where has the time gone?

i'd like to say that i've been super busy with something more exciting that work, but thats not the case. i have been super busy with work-- which is a good thing.  we have been focusing on us, and getting our life started. and since its kind of hard for me to remember what allll we have been up to, here's the short list!
  • we didn't move. we extended our lease. for a few reasons. finding a place to live in budget and the part of town we want to be in is close to impossible. plus the market is CRAY right now, so we decided to just sit put for a few more months.
  • i (just recently) bought a new car. i needed 4 doors- i had a convertible, sigh, but its days were numbers and its cons out-weighed the pros, so we traded it in and up! i love my brand new car. yes, brand new. its the car that i'll have when we bring kids home, and its the car that im okay with having for the next 72 months.
  • colby shaved his head. twice. 
  • there was the xxx olympics. 17 days of nothing but sitting in front of the tv.
  • i learned to shoot a gun. successfully. CHL classes are up next at some point.
  • we have been boring. this summer has literally flown by-- i dont know if it seems to go by faster now that we are married, but we all of a sudden blinked and its almost september. we didn't really take any trips, we haven't floated the river, and we saw two movies (moonrise kingdom and the campaign)
  • colby and i both celebrated birthdays. the david yurman fairy came to visit me, and the louis vuitton fairy came to visit colby. yes, we are spoiled- er we spoil each other. and no we don't care. oh, mom celebrated her bday in austin too!
  • speaking of, my mom moved to austin and started a new job! she has an adorable apartment in town, and just turned a temp job into a full time, benefits and everything job! we are so proud of her!
  • we did get all of our wedding photos back a couple weeks ago. they are spectacular. it was so nice to look back on our special day and remember all those beautiful moments. it was really the perfect day. 
thats about everything that is going on. i *promise* to be more active now that i've got this whole wife/working woman thing down. if you really want to keep up with me, follow me on instagram @angelicalouis
 hope you all have had a great summer! xoxo

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