My 28th Birthday!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well its been well over a month, but my 28th birthday was just as special as I coud have imagned it to be. It was the first real celebration since we have been in California, so it was a little weird just being the two of us, but Colby made it a really great day.

We spent the morning opening gifts and funfetti waffles. 
We really didnt have any plans for the day so we went and hung out at the pool. It was a beautiful day and it was actully pretty quiet. I guess people here don't really celebrate the 4th like we do back in Texas. Who knows.
That evening we had dinner reservations at Quattro at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto. I thought it was funny that the restaurant at the Four Seasons in Austin is Trio and this one was Quattro.. 3.. 4.. haha get it? 

Dinner was delicious and I even got a pretty dessert with a candle.
After dinner we headed to Shoreline Amphitheater to listen to the San Francisco Symphony and watch fireworks. I hate using the word shit show, but it was. There were SO many people both in the amphitheater and the surrounding area that it was a mess.
the music was beautiful and the fireworks were stunning. Something about fireworks just never get old. 
It was a beautiful day and I know that this will be the best one yet! Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!
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