Beckett's Birth Story Part 2

Thursday, February 27, 2014

After an eventful few days in the hospital and an unexpected delivery, we were now a family. Because he was born on Saturday by 2 minutes, we had to start our stay on Sunday, which meant we were residents of the hospital until Wednesday. (boo) We had a double room for a few days which was nice, because it was big! And we had a lot of stuff!
We were greeted in the morning with my Mom and grandmother and I was able to put myself together just enough to take some photos!
Since I had a C-Section, there were some rules when it came to eating... you have to pass gas before you can eat solids. Now if you've ever had abdominal surgery, passing gas is about as comfortable as a root canal.So even though I thought I was free to finally eat, nope. Liquids only. So you bet your ass i ordered everything on the 'Liquids Only Diet Menu'. A grape Popsicle, beef and chicken broth, strawberry jello.
Sunday we had our first visitor, Auntie Carmen! It is so great to have her so close by! We love you so much!
We also got to facetime with my Dad, Stephanie and Mackenzie! They had been patient enough to wait a little until I had the energy to get my iPad up and running so they could meet Beckett!
I still hadn't been able to get up to bathe or eat, so that was fun. I would have paid good money for a shower at that point! I can't remember when I finally got to eat, but I had cinnamon french toast with bacon as my first meal. I think it was Monday morning, but at that point, who knows!
breakfast of champions. the hospital food was actually pretty good.
I also was finally off the magnesium and talked the nurses into letting me stand up so I could shower. It was past time! Best shower ever? Not quite. I still had an IV attached to my hand and I was extremely sore (I had been in a bed for 4ish days) and couldn't stand up straight because of my stiches in my belly, but man, did I feel human again after washing my hair!
Im clean! woo!
 We got moved into a private room that Monday afternoon, which was a nice change of scenery, but it was a much smaller room. That night my Uncle Garry and Cousin Veronica came by to visit! It was so good to see them!
They all left for dinner and Colby, Beckett and I had a 'Bachelor' watch party in the room. This was also the night we found out I wasn't feeding him enough and got to start pumping in the hospital. Christina, our night nurse was like um baby has lost more than 10% of his birth weight, we need to start pumping and supplementing with some formula to get him back up. While it was a shock to me, I was so happy that she was able to get all of this coordinated in a matter of moments. We also met with 2 lactation consultants while in the hospital. They were great and I highly recommend meeting with one (or two) before you go home!
My momadear left on Tuesday, so we said our see you laters on Monday night. I was so sad to see her leave, but was so happy to have her there for Beckett's birth and first few days of life. He is really lucky to have her in his life!
Tuesday was a slow day. We basically hung out in the room all day. I was finally able to get up and freely walk around the hospital, well the maternity wing anyways. We got to facetime with my Aunt Lorraine and cousins Nadia and Jad. They were so happy to finally 'meet' Beckett!
Wednesday seemed to drag on forever. We knew it was our day to go home, but we were waiting on some test results and you know how that goes. It was about 7pm before we got cleared and got our discharge paperwork. I have NEVER been so excited! We got Beckett in his going home outfit, finally!
Ready to go home! Even if Beckett looks miserable! haha
We had already packed up all our stuff, so we were ready to jet! We got Beckett in his carseat and off we went!
 We were greeted at home by my Mom and the doggies! They were so happy to see us and we were so happy to be home! We had a delicious home cooked meal and got settled!
His first days home up next!
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