Keeping Active with Toddlers!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Setting a good example for Beckett never seems to stop.. from what we eat, to how we talk and act, and how we take care of ourselves.

It's no shocker that i've been trying to set a good example of a healthy and fit lifestyle for Beckett, even though we don't turn down a good burger or a cupcake now and then! I trained and ran a half marathon  and go to yoga 4-5x a week. Im also about to start training for another (hopefully 2) half marathon's and we go for walks whenever we can.

But that's for me. 

While we can give Beckett all the best organic foods (which we do), make him drink water, his rice milk and occasionally his organic 2% chocolate milk, we also make sure he gets great exercise. 

It is so important to set your kids up for a healthy, fit lifestyle. Without showing them that exercise can be fun, they will never want to do anything. And while Beckett is only 15 months old and won't be running any marathons or playing football any time soon, we have found great, age appropriate physical fun! 

Here are a few fun things we have found that work great for keeping our son healthy and active!

Gymboree Play and Learn!
I can't say enough amazing things about Gymboree. My Mom so wonderfully gifted Beckett with 'GymGym' Play and Learn Classes when we moved to Texas and it's been such a blessing. Not only have I met some amazing ladies, but Beckett has learned so much and made so many friends! It's a safe environment so he can learn to climb, roll, fall, and play with others. We go to class for an hour every week, so you can imagine he goes 100mph for the whole hour, then takes a great nap! He is getting stronger and braver every week! They set up class differently every couple weeks focusing on different strengths.. balance, climbing, partners, core, hand-eye coordination.. you name it! Plus we get bubble time, which is B's absolute favorite! The best part? Open Gym time! With each class you unlock all the open gym time you desire! So when someone needs to run out some energy and its been raining for days weeks.. open gym to the rescue! 
 Healthy Treats!
I read somewhere that you shouldn't give your kids dessert every night because they will learn to expect it. So we don't give Beckett sweets every day (fruit excluded.. he can eat as much fruit as he wants!). As part of Beckett's diet (animal crackers, chocolate milk, etc. included!) We try and sneak in healthy but tasty options! Chobani Kids has some great, healthy options that not only taste great, but can be frozen and double as teething treats! His favorite is the Chobani Kids Banana Greek Yogurt pops. We freeze them and cut them in half so that he can hold them, and boy does he love them! 
Made with only natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or flavors, we have no issues letting Beckett have one for a snack or a dessert treat! Plus they have live and active cultures, 3 types of probiotics and have no preservatives! #ChobaniKids has a lot of yummy options for tots and kids.. like Grape, Watermelon, Vanilla and Chocolate! Check them all out here!

Get Outside!
We try and go for a walk, to the park, or even just in the back or front yard every day! Beckett loves to slide and swing (and pick up every piece of mulch!) so when the weather permits, we walk to the park! We also walk to the mailbox (in front of our house) and around the block and anywhere else we can! It's such an easy way to get in a little exercise and quality time!
Open Gym Playdates!
Along with Gymboree, we try and check out other open gyms! Check your local recreation centers for Tiny Tots gyms and local gymnastics gyms for open gym times. This is a great way for kids to get some energy out, get plenty of exercise and socialize! While we don't go to these evert week (they usually cost somewhere between $6-8) we try and go whenever we get invited! Each place will offer different activities like bounce houses or trampolines!
As he gets older we will start to integrate swim class, school (!), and hopefully sports! What do you do to keep your tiny tots active? I'd love to hear!

A huge thanks to Chobani for inspiring this post and for launching healthy options with #ChobaniKids and #ChobaniTots!

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