Declan's Birth Story

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Unlike his big brother, Declan's birth story is pretty dang simple. We knew we were having a repeat C-Section (he was breech when we made the decision, then he turned lol) so we knew when and how he was arriving.
We checked into the hospital bright and early on the morning of June 14th. It was eerily quiet in the hospital that morning, and I was calm and nervous all at the same time. We got checked in and settled into our room. I had all my vitals taken and before we knew it our Dr (Dr Jacoby) came in and said it was go time.
Since it wasn't an emergency C-Section this time, we knew what to expect, but we also got to experience the prep.. which is a little daunting. With Beckett I had an epidural, but this round, I had a spinal. The anesthesiologist was awesome and walked us through the whole thing. I got zinged (the needle hit my nerves and sent a shock through my entire left leg but it only lasted about .01 seconds) and within a few mins, I was warm, numb and ready to meet our sweet baby boy. I did get a little nauseous and with a cold compress on my head and something good in my drip, I was fine within 30 seconds or so.

The surgery was surreal. Since I was with it this time, I got to look around hear the doctors chit chat about their summers. You forget that this is their job, and while serious, it's good to know they were comfortable and confident while cutting me open!

Once things got started it went fast. They started prep at 7am sharp and by 7:56am he was out! Declan popped out as Beckett likes to say and was wailing before they pulled him completely out! They held him up and whisked him away to get his vitals before letting us hold him for the first time. It was love at 1st sight all over again.
Recovery was much easier this time, too. I don't know if it was the drugs they used or what, but I was able to eat some ice in recovery while Colby ate breakfast, water a few hours later and dinner that night! 
A few short hours later, we got to see Beckett and watch the magic of meeting his little brother unfold!

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