Monday, November 8, 2010

i've been pretty m.i.a. in the blog-o-sphere lately, and it's not because i hate you all- i've been seriously busy! but im all caught up and can now catch you all up on my really exciting life! ;)

i just realized that i haven't even shared halloween with you all! yikes!

first off, BAYLOR beat TEXAS in austin. OH HELL YES. im still on cloud 9-- baylor could lose the rest of the season and i'd still be happy. SIC EM!

so halloween was a lot of fun! I dressed up as border patrol, and CL took the role as my illegal! haha we went to a party at our friends house on saturday night. he lives above 6th street, so we could see the masses of people on 6th street but from the comfort of kirkland and emmitt's loft.

there was only one incident, involving myself of course! APD busted in because someone threw A CUP OF BEER off the balcony. lame. i think they thought they were going to bust a bunch of underage drinkers, but i was the youngest person there at 25... anyways, the cops accidently kicked the pull up bar off the floating staircase and it clocked me in the head, then took off. i was stunned- it hurt, yes, but it scared me more than anything! i had a pretty nice lump on my head and is still a little sore. luckily i had on a wig, and the bar was padded, so i think that helped a lot!

sunday we took it easy and waited for our ONE trick or treater. hey we had more than last year!

this past weekend was full of fun events!

friday was the Celebration of Life Luncheon! I was on the committee, so it was awesome seeing everything come together so nicely. the luncheon was beautiful, we raised a LOT of money, and everyone enjoyed themselves!

sunday was race for the cure! CL, mom and I all participated, and by participated i mean we all jogged the 5k! it was my first 5k and i am SO proud of myself! it was a little harder than i anticipated- i forget that austin is hilly!!

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