Our Engagement Party!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last weekend, CL and I had the best time at our engagement party. My mom was so generous to host this event for us, and all our family and friends came and shared in our excitement for our upcoming marriage. We were surrounded by such love and support, and we really enjoyed every moment! The food was amazing (yummy pappasitos!), the cake, well you'll see the cake-- it speaks for itself!, and the company was beyond amazing. We are truly blessed!
 our amazing cake! i love la victoria bakery! delish!!

 mom, nic and I
 mom, me, and momadear
 toyah, jason, me and CL

 the gomez's
 craig and nic
 CL, kirbi and gwen

 during the toast. i cried. and so did CL. haha

 CL, lisa, kyle and me
 sofia & michele
 CL, john, kirbi and i
 me and sofia!
 robert, CL, ryan, chad and craig
 eric, michele, me and CL
 my one and only bridal party member that made it! michelle and I
 the moms! my mom and CLs mom
 CL, me, michelle and eddie
 thats a whole bottle of champagne in that glass.
 opening gifts!

CLs parents, scott & jane, CL and I
 me and aunt carole
 nicole, sofia and I
 nic and i
 me, momadear, and nic
 me and my amazing mom!
the goods! we got all 12 casual place settings, platters, serving bowls, our baccarat decanter and glasses, and SO much more! we are seriously blessed!


  1. What a great party! How blessed y'all are! Where is that bakery?!?! Houston? That cake is beautiful!

  2. So sad that we couldn't make it! Can't wait to catch up this weekend. Love you!


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