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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whew! Its been a hectic week to say the least! CL and I have been in Houston for the holidays! we both had the week off so we decided to make it a long visit this time! we had such a great time visiting with our families and friends, and relaxing before the new year. 

our card this year! i really liked how simple and cheery it was!

i'll start with our house. we didn't do a TON of decorating since we weren't really home, but i loved our little tree. and of course my DIY tree skirt!

Christmas Eve was a blast this year. so much so, that at the end of the night, a dance party broke out in the middle of our living room.
 merry molly christmas!


christmas day was perfect. cold weather, lots of presents, great food, and of course lots of family time.
 if you look closely, you can see all 3 of mollys presents. she was SO excited! haha


i hope you had as great of a holiday weekend as we did!

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