catching up. vol 4- baylor homecoming 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

one of my favorite times of the year (yes, i have more than one) is definately football season. and college football in particular!

it should be no surprise that CL and I are big baylor fans (even though they SUCK this year) something about the waco air just really gets us pumped! we bought season tickets this year, which was a first for us! we were so excited- neither of us had ever bought season tickets to ANYTHING, so we felt like we had accomplished something, even if it was just Baylor football!

we were even lucky to attend an "away" game... in austin! 

anways, last weekend was homecoming! it is always great to go back and catch up with old friends. it was a little warm this year (90+ in november!) and the game was evacuated at half time, but we still had a great time!



and just for good measure, the bears came out on top against kansas!

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