My Thoughts on Pregnancy... Part 2

Thursday, January 16, 2014

After so much controversy and lots of snarky comments on my first post on my thoughts on pregnancy, I figured today, the day I am exactly 9 months pregnant, i'd continue my thoughts on the subject. If you missed the first post, read it here
i'll begin again the same way...
 Now before anyone gets butt hurt about anything im about to say, these are my opinions and my thoughts on my pregnancy. I completely understand that no two pregnancies are the same and its very rare that anything i'm about to say will resonate with someone else, but thats ok. thats why this is my blog ;)
 As I said, today (1-16-14) I am officially 9 months pregnant! That means in a perfect world, baby boy would arrive in exactly 28 days on February 13th, or his due date. But since the world isn't perfect, he can literally arrive any moment now. I'd prefer him to wait a couple weeks, so I can clean the house and vacuum and wash the dogs and.... Which the thought of him being here so soon is thrilling and scary and awesome all at the same time.
As I reflect back on my time being pregnant, it seriously hasn't been that bad. Pregnancy can be a really beautiful time in a woman's life and i've noticed thorough social media that more and more women are using pregnancy to blame things on their hormones, complain about getting fat, using the "im eating for 2" excuse in excess, complain about EVERYTHING and generally being lazy--- and i get that. There have been days I wish I would have done all those things, but I didn't. 
I know that I've been EXTREMELY lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy. I know they are all not like that. I also know that I haven't had the world's easiest pregnancy. (There's a lot I choose not to share, and when the time comes, I will, but now isn't the time) But I also haven't complained about much.
People ask all the time, "How are you feeling?" and we always answer the same way, "Great! Just a little tired". Why? Because we don't know what else to tell them. I do feel great. I'm not really tired all the time. In fact, I still have quite a bit of energy, except for those days that I work 10+ hours and then come home and cook... Im still walking (almost) every evening and even still go on hikes. I obviously have the blessing of my dr, or I wouldn't be doing so. But why not? Last  time we went on the trail I literally had people going "GOOD FOR YOU!" as I was huffing hiking up to the top. It felt good. I was proud of myself. The baby liked it, or so I told myself. And I didn't go into labor. The human body is really capable of doing some incredible things, so why not try to see what you are capable of?
at 34weeks during our hike!
I've hardly had any break downs or used my hormones as an excuse for any of my emotional behavior or freak outs. Yes, I have hormones and they are up and down,and i've overreacted less than a handful of times, but I don't blame my hormones. Not only is this a beautiful, exciting time in my life, but its also pretty stressful. We don't have any family out here (well a cousin and my bff). The cost of living in the Silicon Valley is astronomical. We live in a one bedroom apartment. Most of the stress and panic has come from the following 6 words.. 'HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK?!'
So far, we've been ok. We have both been working our asses off trying to save money and stock up for baby. I'll get maternity insurance from the state of California, so I'll still be getting checks while I take maternity leave and I'll have some work checks coming in as well, so maternity leave isn't a total loss. But babies cost a lot of money. Luckily we have amazing insurance and they cover everything and we can afford the out of pocket deductible when the time comes. We also have amazing family. My mom and momadear have been SUPER busy helping us order everything that we will need for the first couple weeks with baby. They are like fairy godmothers and santa combined but BETTER. We get packages almost every other day. This kid is hooked up with the best Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, ever.
I also haven't once blamed the baby for gaining weight. UM, hello! You are growing a human. You are supposed to gain some weight. I haven't gained much, a whopping 10lbs so far, but im more than okay with it. The baby needs it. You are going to get big. You are going to have a belly. It's full of a tiny human and you should let your body grow to fully support and embrace whats going on. That pudge? It'll come off. Just lay off the junk food. I haven't gained any new stretch marks. Just stuck with the ones I already had!
Im not worried about labor. im really looking forward to meeting our little guy. He even has a name! but we aren't telling anyone yet! im not in a constant state of panic or worry, even though im pretty sure CL would tell you differently! Im really just trying to enjoy these last moments with the baby and CL as just the two of us. Time has really flown by!
we had the carseat installed today (yes, installed) the hospital checks it after we install it so we know its good to go! LPCH is awesome!
Now for the 9 month update...
Im still sleeping almost through the night.. I get up around 2am to go to the bathroom, then right back asleep until about 6 or 7 depending on whether or not I can hear the water in the shower when CL gets up. Not too bad if you ask me! I still don't know what heartburn feels like, and my back feels great. I do have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel in my right hand. it's an inconvenience at most. The dr said its fine. Im not swollen yet and my shoes still fit. I don't know when this is supposed to get bad, but im still waiting. I hope this isn't a sign of a horribly painful labor, but if it is, im down!
I can still do all of the following:
shave my legs
paint my toes
work full time
work out
climb stairs
hair and makeup
wear non-maternity clothes
wear shoes and boots
(im actually wearing non maternity pants and a non-maternity shirt as I'm writing this.)
and wear my wedding bands and engagement ring 
baby boy is exactly where he needs to be.. weight and height wise we are right on target. he's head down (bouncing on my bladder- thanks kiddo!) and feet under my ribs. Well technically according to the sonograms he's in a ball of sorts on the right side of my body. But he's in go position, so that's awesome. 
Again, it's been pretty easy. And im just venting, but whatever. Im allowed. I'll be back with my 3rd and final thoughts after baby is born! any guesses as to his birthday?! we can't wait!!
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