Beckett's First Texas Trip!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Two weeks ago we headed back home with baby in tow to visit family and attend my sister in law's wedding! 

traveling with a 2.5 month old terrified me. literally. i had done my research. i had prepared as best I could, but there is NOTHING you can do to ensure that your baby is a perfect angel on a 3-4 hour flight. We got to the airport early and checked in. Beckett didn't need a boarding pass, but he did get a ticket so that he was accounted for. (We did not buy him a seat on the plane.. kids fly free under 2 with a birth certificate, you just have to bring it!) We made it through security. We checked some frozen milk, so that wasn't an issue and our stroller and car seat fit on the x-ray machine, so it was super easy.
We checked in at the counter to get a gate check tag for our stroller and found out that the flight was pretty empty so we could bring on the car seat and Beckett would have his own seat. WHEW. I was hoping this would be the case so that he would just sleep the whole time. I quick fed Beckett before we boarded knowing that this would potentially help get him nice and sleepy for the trip.
this kid will literally eat anywhere.
We did family boarding, which is between Group A and B on Southwest. We waited at the door while all the other passengers gave us the 'oh you have a baby on this flight look'. I now know know how that feels. Anyways, we got settled and talked to our flight attendant, Natalie, who was a gem. She was so helpful! She gave us a few tips and told us she would periodically check in with us to make sure we were okay. We buckled Beckett in and no joke, he was asleep before we even pushed back from the gate. I kept his pacifier in so he could have something to suck on for his ears, and off we went. I'm not even kidding when I say this, but HE SLEPT THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. He was perfect. Natalie checked in on us like she said she would and even she was like, gosh, he's still asleep! haha She even let us take all the snacks we wanted (uh they have oreos now...)
No one even knew he was on the flight until we landed in Austin and he woke up so we took him out of his car seat to stretch.  My kid I tell ya, the best baby on the planet! Natalie even gave us a cute Southwest Airlines Certificate for his first flight with his first pair of wings. A little goes a long way in my book, so thanks Southwest!
We landed in Austin around 1am and my brother and my mom picked us up! My brother got to meet Beckett and it was so cute! I literally handed Beckett to Nic and walked over to CL to help with the luggage and Nic was like 'UH what do I do with him?!' I believe it was love at first sight! ;)
We were starving and were craving Whataburger and after not having that for over a year, it was delish, but when is it not? Two bacon egg and cheese taquitos and I was set for the night.
Thursday we got up late and got ready to meet all our friends in Austin for lunch at Stiles Switch BBQ. YUM. We don't get real bbq in California, so it was nice to get some good texas bbq! It was also really great to see all our friends! Ty, Courtney & Bryan, Virginia, Gino, Kenny, Dante, Brandon & Mary, & Spencer (along with mom and Nic) all joined us for a lovely lunch. We really miss all of them!
    After lunch I wanted to get some bluebonnet pics before heading to Houston. Lucky for us, they were still alive (barely) and we were able to get some! 
   We also quickly got a shot in front of the Austin 'Postcard' mural. It ad just recently been repainted and it looks great!
 We headed to Houston for the rest of the weekend and made it just before dinner. Beckett got to see his little Momadear and meet his Great Granddaddy for the first time! It was so special to see him with my Granddaddy. Nadia made it over before dinner and got to meet Mr. B too!
    We headed to Goode Company Taqueria for dinner (more tex mex) where we met up with my Aunt Lorraine and my cousin Jad. It was so fun to just relax, eat, and spend time together! 
    Friday we got to have lunch with my oldest friend (25 years!) and her daughter Elle and CL's friend Kyle. It was so good to catch up with Michelle. We may not talk every day, but when we are together it's like we haven't skipped a beat. It's so fun raising babies at the same time.
     That evening was Kirbi and John's rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, so we headed to Haak Vineyards and Winery. It was the first time CL's parents got to meet Beckett. The rehearsal was HOT, so as soon as it was over we headed over to some a/c and more mexican food and family!
   Saturday was the wedding. It was also the first time we spent the day without Beckett. (10+ hours). It was weird being away from him for so long. He was great, as usual, so there was no worry there. My mom and momadear watched him so we knew he was in great hands ;)

The wedding was beautiful and the heat held off so it wasn't so hot. It was so good to see a lot of CL's family that we hadn't seen since our wedding! Almost 2 years ago! (man, time flies!)
          We got home late and Mr. B was up waiting for us! We missed him so!
Sunday we had breakfast at CL's parents house with his family before spending the afternoon with my Dad. 

It was my Dad's first time to meet Beckett too! It was love at first sight!
   We headed back to Houston to pack and say our 'see-you-laters' to my grandparents before heading back to Austin. It's always hard leaving.

Our last day in Austin we took it easy as we wanted to soak up as much of the city and being back as much as we could. We stopped by HEB to get some Whataburger ketchup to take back with us. I forget how much I miss HEB. The Safeway's out here just dont cut it.

We grabbed lunch at Shady Grove because CL wanted chicken fried steak (I know.) It was fun just spending time with my brother and my mom. I just love watched Beckett interact with his Uncle Nic! 
     After lunch we headed over to the Four Seasons Austin to spend our last hour in town on the grounds where we got married (see the wedding here!) It was so special standing where we said 'I do!' with our little family. It was the perfect way to end our trip.
      In true Angelica fashion, the flight on the way back was overbooked, so Beckett got to lay in my lap for the flight back. He was perfect, again. He woke up a little, got a diaper change, ate a little, then back to sleep for the remainder of the flight. What a traveler, that kid.

We had such a great time spending time with our family, can't wait to see everyone again soon!

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