Three Months.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

We are out of the 4th trimester! Woo! This has by far been my favorite month! 
Stats: We are just growing like a weed! He's 24.75 inches tall  and weighs in at 15 pounds 13.5 ounces . (PS those are unofficial stats since we don't have a drs appt this month!) He still has his big blue eyes, luscious lips, and his hair is falling out, but the new baby hair thats coming in is definitely blonde. He's wearing 3-6 month clothes. Some brands he's still a 3 month, some brands he's in the 3-6 size, and some are flat out 6 month! I was surprised to see him fit in clothes that look so big! He is now a 2 in Pampers Swaddlers. I thought they'd be too big, but they fit great!
Food: He's still a great eater and still on breast milk only. He's on a very loose schedule but eats up to 8 times a day, every hours + or - a few. He will now take a bottle (yay!). Through a process of elimination, he likes the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle with the 1 nipple. He has Avent, Mam, and Medela bottles for when he's older and more used to bottles, but for now, the Tommee Tippee are the chosen ones! He does need a bib when he eats from a bottle, but not when he nurses.
   Sleep: Lucky for us, Mr. B still likes to sleep! We have been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now! Woo! He'll go down around 9-10pm, sleep 'til 4, eat, and go back down until 6 or 7 am, then he gets in bed with me for an hour or so. We like our morning snuggles! He will take a nap around noon, then around 5pm, and may or may not cat nap in between then. He was in his bassinet until last Sunday, when he really looked cramped in there and we moved him into his room and into his crib. (tear!) He did so great and has been sleeping in there ever since. It was definitely harder on me then it was on him! But he was really too big to sleep in his bassinet anymore- you could hear him hit all 4 sides every time he stretched!
Awake Time: We love our awake time! Beckett is really coming into his own, and playing more and more every day! He still loves his tummy time and has started rolling over! We Joined a mom's group, so we have a play group once a week that he actually stays awake for! He still loves hanging out in his Momaroo and laying on a blanket on the floor to roll around and play with his toys. He loves going on walks in his new Ergobaby carrier and likes to interact with the dogs a little bit more. He's pushing up on everything now and will hold weight on his legs if you hold him up. He grabs onto everything... my hair, sunglasses, clothes, you name it. He will even hold onto me when im feeding him. It's so cute! He likes playing with his toys and is even interacting with the ones that he can pull on. Its so cute to see him learning every day. He still LOVES his bath time. Its fun to see him learn to splash... which will become a problem when he outgrows his infant tub!
  Personality: The smiles, laughter and happiness that exudes from this baby is infectious. He's flirting and talking up a storm now! He's still as happy as can be unless he's hungry and he will let you know when he is. He talks up a storm in the afternoons, usually when his Daddy gets home from work, and again right before his bath. Everyone is always commenting on how big of a sweetheart he is, and we couldn't agree more!
 Firsts & Milestones: More wide, open mouth, gummy smiles and giggling. and the 'talking'. He took his first two flights and did wonderfully! He got to meet his other set of grandparents and more family and friends during his first trip to Texas. He rolled over for the first time, and has done so a few other times. We celebrated his first Easter. He spent his first day away from Mommy and Daddy. (And one long evening away from Mommy so she could go to the city for a girls night!) He went to Half Moon Bay and got to see where Mavericks are, and slept in his crib for the first time. He sits up when propped up and blows lots of drool bubbles. He learned to kick things on his play mat and can rattle his toys that he can hold.

 Nicknames: Mr. B, Beckett Bear, bebe, baba, buddy, lil chubbs, Baby Beckett, Boo Boo

This has been the best month yet! We love you more and more each day and love watching you learn! 
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