#WeRunSF Training Week 5, 6

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I know I said i'd keep everyone up to date weekly with my half marathon training, but yeah, thats a lot, so you'll be able to keep up with me in real time on instagram (@angelicalouis) and here every 2 weeks!
Things are going really well since I last checked in. Im feeling good, and very motivated since we are now half way through training! As of today (9-10-14) there are 38 days until race day! AH!
 Nike released the actual course map, so its been good to see when and where the hills will smack me in the face. We are headed into the city this weekend to check it out, so hopefully the hills i've been running have been kind of beneficial! I'm going to try and get some training runs in the city before race day, but who knows!
I've been able to keep up with my current training schedule pretty well considering I had to take off and rest for a couple weeks. It's amazing how quickly your body remembers what it needs to do!
CL and Beckett even came with me on a short run! They went for a walk while I (literally) ran circles around them. Apparently I'm a little faster than I thought!
the cutest water boys there ever was!
OK, so milestones.. finally ran 8 miles! And lived to tell about it! 
yeah yeah. slow and steady. we are JUST trying to finish!
 I can't believe i'm saying this, but it wasn't that bad! Honestly the first two miles of any run are the worst, then I kind of hit cruise control and just go. It's actually therapeutic. (And yes, i'm rolling my eyes at myself for actually saying that...!) CL and Beckett had a frozen snickers bar waiting for me when I got home, and CL helped me stretch out and gave me 30 minutes of baby free hot tub time to relax the morning after! It was blissful!
Week 7 is going well so far and i'll hit 100+ miles by the end of the week! OH YEAH!
It's been great having the support of CL and Beckett but it's getting increasingly hard doing my training runs after being a Momma all day. I wish we had a BOB running stroller so I could get my runs out of the way in the morning instead of the evenings. Im so dead by the time I get done that by the time Beckett goes to sleep, I go to sleep too! Poor CL. He's getting the short end of the stick, but at least I don't fight him when he wants to watch Sports Center all night! 
Is anyone else training for anything? A 5K? 10K? Half or Full Marathon? I'd love to hear your training stories too!
(side note.. I just realized in all 3 screen shots that my phone is never above 50% battery. True Life my iPhone battery sucks. The struggle is REAL.)
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