Seven Months.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Time really flies when you're having fun. 7 months?! Is this real life?!
Beckett is now 21bs, 3/4oz (rough estimate) and 29 1/8"tall. (We don't go to the dr until November, so I had to measure and weigh him myself!) He still has the biggest, sparkling blue eyes, and his blonde peach fuzz hair is getting thicker every day! It stands up straight no matter now hard we try and style it..although it is finally starting to lay down a tiny bit! Still in size 3 diapers and is in 4-6 month H&M clothes, and 9-12 month in everything else. He's really tall and thin so, finding pants that are long enough are still a little big. He's still drooling up a storm from teething, but we have yet to see any chompers pop up yet, but one may or may not show up any second now!
Oh the food! We finally started Mr. B on some organic brown rice cereal for and he LOVES it! We started off with one scoop mixed with breast milk, and have since increased it to two scoops at night. We also started on some veggies and fruits and so far so good! He's had carrots, bananas, peas (he did NOT like peas! hah), green beans, avocado, watermelon, apple, pears.. and then we started on some mixed meals including apple carrot, apple mango with rice and vanilla, zucchini banana and amaranth, spinach peas and pear, pear and mango, sweet potato corn and apple, peach apricot banana, and his favorite mid day snack Earth's Best Apple Peach Oatmeal! We have been using Plum Organics, Earth's Best, and Gerber Organics to see what he likes. We have been really happy with these brands so far-- and only use organic food with ingredients that are only purees and things I can pronounce (example: pear puree and water or apple puree and lemon juice). I fully intend on making some of his food, but the pouches come in handy when you're out and about! He is still nursing/ taking a milk bottle for all his other meals, but we may have to give our growing boy a second solid meal.. I can't keep up!
Peas. Not a fan. hahahahaha.
yeah right, Mom. I know those are still peas and im not eating them!
 He is SUCH a great eater! He's currently not as messy as we thought, but I know that the more he wants to get involved in eating (he LOVES holding his spoon!) the messier it's going to get! He always finishes all his food, and drinks some of his water. 
Bah. Little Sir has had some set backs when it comes to sleep. I blame the teething and possibly some nighttime separation anxiety. He goes down in his crib every night and has been getting up 1-2x a night.. sometimes around 12 midnight, or 1-3am, then around 4 or 5am, then gets in to bed with us (I know, I hate co-sleeping but it works for us right now) until 7 or 8am. He's started taking 2 good naps a day (one in the morning for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and again around afternoon) and sometimes sneaks a short nap here and there. He does surprise us now and again and sleeps through the night, and im crossing my fingers that he starts doing those long stretches again soon!
 Awake Time:
The older Beckett gets, the more fun awake time is.. except that one time  I GOT OUT OF THE SHOWER TO SEE HIM STANDING UP IN HIS CRIB. Yeah, that happened. He's started independent play, and can keep himself busy for 30-45 mins at a time in his new baby jail Joovy Room 2 Playard. It's so big and safe, and he just LOVES it! I highly recommend it if you're in the market for a pack and play/ playard. He doesn't have any separation anxiety, which is great when he won't nap and I need to shower.. he will just chill in his crib with his butterfly mobile for 15 mins and let me get dressed! He still loves his OBall play center and is getting more and more mobile every day. He can literally roll his way across a room in like .3 seconds. No lie. He love toys that make noise, and if they don't he knocks them on something and makes noise himself. He also gets really excited all the time and flails his arms and squeals. It's totally adorable and totally a work hazard. I'm constantly ducking! haha.  It's so cool watching him learn and explore the world around him!
i like to call this one 'rabid teething monster baby' haha
just doing some yoga in my stroller. 
What a ham we have! Beckett is always smiling and giggling and happy to be himself. He really is a laid back, happy baby! We are so lucky! He loves to play with us, and play on his own. He's been getting friendlier with Molly. He's also learned to play us like fools.. he fake coughs and fake cries, and well, we fall for it all the time! He babbles up a storm and has learned that the FaceTime dial tone (is that what they even call it anymore?!) means that Momadear is about to be on the screen and he gets SO excited! He also can be in total meltdown mode, but that's no match for Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake. He just loves them! He's starting to really hold on to you when you carry him and hug on him. It's almost like he's hugging back! 
 Firsts & Milestones: 
First foods! Cereal and fruits and veggie purees! Sitting on his own (no more tri-pod!). Starting to pull up on things and standing. School! Well I say school, but we just went to visit our friend Cole's momma Ashley when she was getting her classroom ready, but it was fun none the less! Beckett met his first celeb Jenny Mollen and attended his first book signing! Got a library card! Learned to untie all my shoes. Experienced his first earthquake. Learned to say 'MA MA MA MA'. Survived a boys weekend when I went to Scottsdale for 3 days! And went to his first brewery with his Daddy! Started bathing in the sink because he outgrew his infant bath tub, and rooted all his teams (the Baylor Bears, Houston Texans, and San Francisco 49ers) to victory!
Beckett Bear, Boo Boo, Mr Boo Boo Beckett Bear, Mr. B, Baby Boy, Cheeky Cheeky Boy, Bubbie, Mr. Handsome, Little Sir, Cranky Pants, DJ Poopie Pants and my current favorite Cutie Bear. 

Beckett, as always, we grow to love you more and more every day. Watching you see the world and learn new things every day truly makes our lives so incredibly rich. Seeing you light up when you learn something is the best feeling in the world. I know these next few months are going to go fast, and there are lots of firsts in the cards for us! We can't wait to see what you have to show us next! xoxo
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