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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hey gang. It's been a LONG time since i've written anything, and I hate that. SO much has gone on in the last few months weeks, and a lot has been weighing on me, and it's time to let it all out! So reader beware. This is a little raw and the language may be less than nice. 

So, first things first. I'm now working part time, 100% from home. It's a dream job, and I am thanking my lucky stars that I'm able to provide shopping money extra income and stay home with Beckett. It's the best feeling, ever. I'm so lucky that this opportunity fell into my lap. Lucky lady right here! 
I also haven't blogged in a while due to some bitch someone threatening me with legal action over something she referred to as slander. What she's not aware of is that not only do I have proof (CL was there) but Google chat and my old iPhone have written evidence of that what she's saying is slander is in fact the truth. Let's just say I would have NEVER married or stayed with a guy who sober or not would ever even think about laying a hand on me in a violent way. #JustSayin She thinks im 'obsessed' with her... "I'm not sure why my life is so interesting to you and why you are so obsessed with it."  She thinks everything I blog, tweet, share on Instagram is about her.. truth is, I could give two shits care less about anything to do with her, her family, her blog... anything. The saddest part is that not only was I part of her wedding, she was part of mine. Such is life, I guess. (If you want more details, you can email me privately.) So, Fuck Off I'll be praying for her. (Im 99.9% sure i'll get another 'Please Stop' email regarding this too. I really hate how sensitive and entitled people are these days. Whatever.)
CL bought himself a new project.. A 1963 International Harvester Scout 80. If that doesn't ring a bell to you, you aren't alone! haha. It's got all original parts and once it's done, its going to be an awesome weekend vehicle. Im excited for him, but not excited about all the gross, dirty laundry that comes with restoring a vintage vehicle...
For those of you who know us personally, or have been following along for years know we have 2 dogs.. Molly & Bailey. Bailey was CL's dog before meeting me and I adopeted Molly after we met. Bailey had been part of our family since 2008 and with the heaviest of hearts left our home last week after a few incidents involving some biting nipping. She has found a new home with an Aussie Rescue and will be living out her days on lots of land herding whatever her little heart desires. We miss her terribly, but had to do what was best for her, and our family. We did all we could to keep her, but would never be able to live with ourselves is she turned on Beckett, one of his buddies, or another adult. (And before you say anything, we tried training, running her ragged, everything and putting her down or taking her to a shelter was not an option) It's still a fresh wound, and we love her dearly. It's been really hard.

I think that hits on the highs and lows as of recent. I've got a couple cool collaborations coming up and I *promise* that i'll be posting more often and more regularly!

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