My 30th Birthday Cabo Getaway!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well, it's official.
I'm 30.
standing on Divorce Beach on the Pacific coast.
...and I lived to tell about it and it's not that bad. 

CL took me on our first baby free getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my birthday weekend and y'all it was fabulous. 
While it was the hardest thing leaving Beckett for a few days, we knew he was in excellent hands, and that we really needed some time away to recharge.

We stayed at the Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort and it was We had a Junior Suite Swim Out Garden room, but had an Ocean view too! I highly recommend the swim out. It was so worth it! I mean, this is what we woke up to every morning!

view from the main lobby
The resort is beautiful, clean and fairly quiet.. it's adult only, but that doesn't mean the older crowds don't get rowdy!
our favorite pool overlooking the golf course and beach! 
We did a lot of drinking and eating, and CL may or may not have gotten a little stomach bug, but that didn't keep him down for the count. We napped on the beach, soaked up the warm sun, and enjoyed long lunches, and quiet dinners. 
On the 4th, my actual birthday!, we got up nice and early and headed into Cabo San Lucas for a snorkeling and beach trip. It was nice to get away from the resort for a little bit and see the sights! 

Cabo is really beautiful and has amazing sea life. If you scuba i'd recommend diving here- it was amazing just snorkeling, but you get so much more out of diving- plus it isn't as crowded! (we would have dove, but CLs stomach...)
yes. that's a real, live blowfish!
We spent an hour on a boat, followed by an hour snorkeling at Pelican Beach, then spent an hour on Lover's Beach having a picnic lunch and relaxing on the beach before heading back. If you are ever in Cabo, we highly recommend Esperanza's Tours!
Lover's Beach
Scooby Rock
The Arch
on Divorce Beach on the Pacific Coast
I got an aromatherapy massage before dinner back at the resort, and it was so worth it! I'm definitely a fan of late afternoon massages, but one on your birthday after being at the beach all day? Pure bliss!
The resort had a big 4th of July party on the lawn so we checked it out before heading to dinner. It was so fun getting a real Independence Day experience in Mexico! We ate at the Japanese (hibachi) restaurant (my fav!) and sat with a really fun bunch of South American girls. They totally made my night by taking birthday shots, sake bombs, being loud and fun, and singing 'Happy Birthday!' to me in both English and Spanish! They also sang some other fun song and did a lot of cheering. It was awesome.
We finished the night off with a beautiful firework display. Fireworks on the beach never get old, ever! 
It was a fabulous trip and we had so much fun! Thanks CL!

(PS a HUGE thanks to my Mom, brother/Uncle Nic, Momadear & Granddaddy, Nadia and Jad for watching and visiting Beckett in Austin! I know he had a blast because he never wanted to FaceTime with us when we checked in! He was always too busy having fun! He sure loves y'all! xoxo)

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