summertime tunes. version 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i feel like every summer has a soundtrack. here's mine. and don't judge my crappy taste in music. i don't judge yours!

last friday night (tgif) 
by katy perry
if you love 80s movies (i do) and 90s teen sensations/ sax players, and burnouts, you have to watch this video. its adorable. and talk about cameos- Darren criss, kevin mchale, rebecca black (FRIDAY
!), kenny G, debbie gibson, corey feldman and hanson?! i die!

tonight tonight
by hot chelle rae

light, carefree, and cute boys? yes please! this is definitely a top down song!

knee deep
by zac brown band featuring jimmy buffett

does this even need an explanation??

party rock anthem
by LMFAO featuring lauren bennett and goonrock

every day im shufflin'.
the neon. the hair. the "fashion" the fun. i love that these guys are making a living partying. i can't say im not a little jealous.

moves like jagger (the voice performance)
maroon5 and christina aguilera

i never watched the voice, but im totally loving this song. and of course adam levine. swoon!

and yes. i will probably be single after CL reads this!

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