wedding wednesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's been a while since i've updated anyone on our wedding plans, partially because we didn't have any for a while and well surprise! we have wedding plans now!!

we have a date!
and a venue!
and a wedding party!
and a wedding coordinator!
and a photographer! (well almost, just need to sign the contract!)
and a photobooth! (well almost, just need to sign the contract!)
and a rehearsal dinner venue!
and a guest list!
and a officiant!
and registries!
and a website! (its not live yet, we are still waiting on one straggler bridesmaid, and to  finish our registry 110% !)
and a graphic designer working on our custom logo!

i almost have the bridesmaids dresses piced out, and i've looked at dresses, and found one that could be the ONE, but im waiting til october to make the final decision! we have an overall feel for what the wedding is going to look like, vintage, romantic, with a dash of modern! think lots of candles, light colors, and a bold pattern!

i am SO excited that it's all coming together slowly! the date and venue was seriously the hardest part, but now everything seems to be falling into place!

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