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Monday, July 11, 2011

while everyone knows i have quite a bit of time on my hands, you would think i would take a moment or two to reflect on things-- but i dont. i found myself relaxing today while i was waiting for CL to get home for work and i let my mind wander. and this is what i realized today. nothing too exciting, just strange little eccentricities that i learned about myself.
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i've never dated a blonde. im not racist against them (hello, im a blondie!) i guess im just not attracted to them? and every ex-boyfriend and my future husband have brown hair and blue (green or light colored) eyes. i guess there such a thing as a 'type' haha.

i more often than not let people take advantage of me. its kind of sad/pathetic but it's true. i give and do a lot and get next to nothing (if anything) in return.

i only have a handful of good girlfriends. and im totally okay with that.
CL and I have been working on our guest list for our wedding and i actually had to stop and think of people (other than my close group of friends) that i would want there. and other than the 'a' crowd, i really don't want or need them there. its going to be a small, select group and i LOVE it that way.

i take EVERYTHING personally. everything. when i get a 'thanks but no thanks' letter from a job application, when i get cut off on the road, when i get overlooked for a job well done, i take it personally.

and yes. i know that picture has zero to do with this post, but doesn't that look delightful?

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