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Monday, January 2, 2012

happy 2012!
since a new year is upon us, its that time where everyone lists their resolutions and starts crazy diets, and, well you know. i am usually one of those people, but this year, im not. a resolution, by definition, is the "mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose". what exactly does that mean? yea, i dont really get it either, which is why instead of resolving this year, im setting GOALS, "the result of achievement toward which effort is directed". this seems a little more attainable.

now of course my biggest goal, among with basically everyone else, is to get in shape, and to live a healthier lifestyle. with the wedding approaching like WHOA, its more important now than it ever has been for me to kick my bad eating habits to the curb, and take my workouts more seriously. well between the wedding and a tropical honeymoon. CL and I are holding each other accountable-- what we eat is written in a journal, we work out together- its so much better when your not alone!, and we are changing our eating habits. (thanks womens heatlth) nothing crazy (NO pills, no crazy diets, just healthy, good for you foods in the right portions!), just doing something good for our bodies.
we are also cutting out any fast foods (the only allowable non-home-cooked-meals have to come from Central Market or Whole Foods- something fast, but fresh- sometimes eating out is unavoidable!), sodas, sugars, and salt. plus eating in will save us some money, which is always nice :)

im also going to start taking my workouts more seriously. everyday. something. and something that will make me feel good and give me energy. and to make it to bootcamp 5x a week. that right there should kick my ass into gear!

my other goal is to relax. im a worry wart. no lie, wake up in the middle of the night panicking about life, money-- everything. its not a fun way to live. i need to embrace life and all that it has and will give me. i need to know that someone out there has a great plan for me and all these trials and tribulations are just building me up as a better person. 

im not setting goals that i won't be able to necessarily attain either.. like 'win the lottery', 'land my dream job'-- things that i can't control. i can control this. and i can reach this goal without having to put my faith into someone else's hands. who knows. maybe this is what i need.

im not choosing a word of the year, although if i did, i'd choose something like 'embrace' or 'patience', and im not making any promises. i am directing all my effort to a better me. and a healthier life.

what are your goals for 2012?

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