progress report.

Monday, January 30, 2012

this may or may not be the most embarrassing post, ever, but the more i get it out in the open, the more motivated i get.
im overweight. this really shouldn't be a surprise to many people who know me. i used to be tiny. in high school i was fit. like really fit. then i went to college. where i tried to stay fit, and completely failed at it. 
example a-
me, freshman year in college.

now, im horribly miserable with my body, and am working as hard as i can to get back into shape-- not only for my health, but you know that wedding im having in 103 days? yea i want to look good that day too.
its not been easy, but when is something worth it ever been easy?

CL and i started the year off right. we gave up sugar, salt, caffeine, soda, juice, ALCOHOL (including wine) fast food-- anything bad for you, name it, we haven't had it since January 1, 2012. 
yall it was HARD. unsweeted, caffeine free green tea for breakfast. egg whites with plain whole wheat toast.water-- and lots of it.  plain brown rice. romaine salad with a little oil and vinegar. chicken seasoned with fresh herbs only. yea. rough. kale, spinach, and other leafy greens only flavored with lemon. sounds good. huh?
it was. and is. we have only cheated once, and it was this last saturday night. we went out for sushi at piranha and a piece of the most delicious chocolate cake from the four seasons.

we have completely changed our eating habits. and its paying off. with the help of MyFitnessPal via the trusty iPad, and the accountability of CL, and a determination from myself that i havent seen in years, the weight is falling off. yes, i count calories. yes i write down everything i eat. is it annoying? no. it it time consuming? nope. its totally worth it.
to date i've lost 15lbs. yea, you saw that right. 15. im working out-- everyday. no days off. it doesnt have to be 5k runs, but just something-- weights, abs, a walk.

heres a little visual progress. (yes, i know my work out pants are pulled up over my belly button. damn adidas, they like their yoga pants high waisted!)
 and for good measure, you know your doing something right when your pants fit like this.

so there we have it. month one of my weight loss journey. i hope next month is just as successful! i feel great, have a lot more energy, and happy all the time (minus wedding stress!).
here's to a very healthy 2012!


  1. Good for you!!!! I'm so happy to hear about your progress. I stated P90X ... so far, so good. I really like the part about changing your lifestyle habits - that's what it is really about! It's tough to remember to write everything down and keep track of calories everyday (I love MyFitnessPal, too!), but you're right ... it's totally worth it!

  2. Look at you!! You go girl! You are looking great!!! Keep up the hard work and you two will look even more amazing on your wedding day than y'all already do now!!


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