Beckett's Baptism

Thursday, July 17, 2014

When my Mom mentioned that Beckett was getting a little big for our family's baptism gown, I thought there was no better time then the present to get him baptized!

It took a little while to find a Catholic Church that would baptize Beckett because we weren't married in the church and CL isn't Catholic. But after a lot of calls, Holy Family Catholic Church in San Jose was the winner!

 Not only were they cool with all that, they were happy that we were choosing to baptize Beckett!
After a few classes, we were all set for the Sunday after Carmen & Jared's wedding.  (It was an action packed weekend!) 

Luckily since my brother, who is the God father, couldn't be there, my Uncle Garry was able to step in for him!
His God Mother Veronica helping him get dressed. So sweet.
   We were so flattered that my (newly engaged) cousin Veronica agreed to be his God mother, and could make the ceremony! (his sponsors are Veronica's fiance, Michael, and my bff Carmen)
   It was quick and to the point! There was only one other baby being baptized that day, so it went really fast! Beckett was a trooper and looked absolutely darling in the baptism gown. The gown he wore was originally worn my my mom, then my aunt, uncle and all my cousins, so it was really special that he got to wear it as well. Gotta love family traditions!

Afterwards, since it was both Beckett's Baptism and my Mom's birthday, we headed to a late lunch in San Jose. It was great to catch up with my Uncle and Veronica! 
Beckett loves his Momadear! He was so happy he got to spend her birthday with her!

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