Five Months.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We almost have a half a year old. Seriously time, slow down!
Beckett is now 18 pounds, 3 ounces and 28" long. His eyes are still big and blue and blondish hair. He has the sweetest lips and big ole kissable cheeks! He's in size 3 diapers now (we still have some size 2 target brand diapers that still fit) and is wearing 6-9 month old clothes. He is drooling up a storm from teething, so we wear a lot of bibs, but baby slobber isn't a deal breaker, so I guess we will keep him around ;)

Still milk only. We have been given the 'OK' to start rice cereal and real food, but we have decided to wait until Beckett can sit up on his own. We want to wait until he is fully ready to start. And he's not starving, so its ok. 4-5 months old is still very young to start foods, and since we aren't in a huge hurry for him to grow up, we are letting him be a baby for a little while longer. He's been working on sitting up and he's getting better and better at it, so once we feel comfortable with that, we will get a high chair and a drop cloth and give it the old college try! He takes a bottle like a champ and can even hold it himself!
mind the mess.
trying some edamame haha

I love that I have a great sleeper! Im not even kidding when I say this kiddo can sleep from 8:30pm to 6:45am without waking up. OH YEAH. It doesn't happen every night, but it happens enough. He goes down in his crib every night around 8:30pm and sometimes will unsettle around midnight, and then get up around 4 or 5am and eat and go back to sleep until 7am. He takes a long nap in the morning- almost 2 hours- which allows me to shower and dress every day and then again in the early and late afternoon. Sometimes I can get him to nap in his crib but he likes his morning nap in his momaroo and his afternoon naps on the couch.

Awake Time: 
Awake time is still my favorite (even though I LOVE my sleep!) Beckett is such a joyful, eager baby that watching him learn is my new favorite thing! My mom got him this OBall OBounce Activity Center (its WONDERFUL! and compact!) and he loves it! He hasn't learned to bounce in it just yet, but he has leaned to play with all the sights and sounds it has attached to it! It's so cute to see him explore the toys and learn how they operate. He still loves his walks, and tummy time. He is so strong now. He can be on his stomach holding himself up for 20 minutes before he gets mad, and when he gets mad, he has learned to just roll over. What a smarty, that kid! Beckett is also almost sitting up on his own, but we aren't pushing him. When it happens it will happen! He loves his Peter Rabbit toy in the morning when he sits in his boppy recliner while he watches Good Morning America every morning! (I stack the Boppy Pillow on top of the Boppy Lounger to keep him off his back, and to help him sit up!)  He also still loves his Sofie, his wacky teether ring, his rattle, and anything that makes noise. He also still LOVES bath time. We have even extended bath time because he doesn't like to get out!
He started with his head in the corner where my finger is. 

Gosh. Where do I start? Beckett is such a sweet baby. He smiles and giggles and flirts. He is really a joy. He is leaning to laugh when we tickle him. He is one chatty guy too! He loves to talk and squeal with excitement! He definitely lets you know he's around! He also loves the ladies. He has like, a million girlfriends (Including Jenn, Josie, Leah, Kristen... and those are just from last weekend!) He's not afraid to let other people hold him, which I love because everyone wants to love on him! He lets you know when he wants something, but not in a bad way. Sometimes we don't take his clues very well. Oops! He hugs you tight and holds the back of your arm when you hold him. He lets you know he trusts you. 

Firsts & Milestones: 
We did a lot this month! We did our first 5K race (San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff!), He attended his 2nd rehearsal dinner and wedding (Yay Auntie Carmen and Jared!), got baptized, hosted his first play date at the house, learned to rotate on our belly (we will be mobile soon!) Celebrated CL's 1st fathers day, and survived a week alone with me while CL traveled! He stayed with a nanny during J&C's wedding.  He has also found his feet, which have become his absolute FAVORITE toy. He loves his jumpy roo/ activity center and can play in it for 15-20 minutes at a time. He grabs onto everything and can hold things bigger and heavier every day. He is really learning his strength. I learned the hard way and so did a Kendra Scott necklace (rip).

Beckett Bear, Boo Boo, Mr Boo Boo Beckett Bear, Mr. B, Baby Boy, Cheeky Cheeky Boy, Bubbie, Mr. Handsome

Im pretty sure I say this every month, but this has been my favorite yet! Your personality comes out more and more every day and we couldn't love you more! We love watching you learn and explore the world around you and cannot wait to see what you amaze us with next! xoxo
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