#WeRunSF Training: Week 1

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

As most of you know (if you're friends with me on FB) that i'm running a half marathon in October. I signed up on a whim for the lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon a couple months ago with the thought of 'i'll never get picked!". Needless to say when I got the email saying I was 'in' my heart dropped. 
A half marathon? Me? With a baby? While breastfeeding? Have I lost my mind?

Yes. To all of it.

I can't say that running has ever been something i've enjoyed, but as I train, it's slowly getting easier. This is definitely a bucket list item, especially since B is only (currently) 6 months old and i'll complete this before he's 1! While it's helping me get in shape, it's also setting me up for a healthy lifestyle, and im hoping to keep this up to show Beckett that not only am I his momma, but Im healthy and active.

  I've set up a couple smaller goals as I work up to the half, which has been really great! A 5k, a 10k then the half is where i'm headed! (Although I already ran the Sharks Fitness Faceoff 5k and run 5ks with almost every run now!) I've even almost convinced CL to run another 5k with me in September! Im running the San Jose Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon Mini Marathon (10k) in October, followed by the half 2 weeks later!

Anyways, training, like anything that is new has its ups and downs. Some days are easy and I feel great. Some days my legs feel like weights and my knees feel like they can't carry me. 

It's been really great having an amazing support system at home. CL has been amazingly supportive with both words of encouragement and helping with B in the afternoons while I go for runs. He even sends me photos of B saying 'Go Momma Go!' He tracks me during my runs and knows when i'm on my way home so I even sometimes get the 'You're almost there!' texts as well! It doesn't seem like much, but they really help get through those miles!

My Mom and Dad have also been on support duty and have been sending me words of encouragement and running tips. It's really great to have them on my team! My mom even 'ran' with me the other day via FaceTime!

Now, what keeps me on track? The amazing Nike+ App partnered with the We Run SF app. Seriously. Nike has this down. The Nike+ app keeps track of all your runs and training mileage. I'm using both to help me train. They both have training programs so I don't even have to do the math on how many miles I need to run and when I need to run them or when I need to strength train and take a day off. Plus the two apps sync so that one knows that you actually completed your training.. now that's accountability! Plus, you can connect to other friends running the race, or challenge someone. It's been a really great, positive tool! I highly recommend it!

Oh and Thank you to Nike Training Club (@Nikewomen) for all the tweets of encouragement! It's really great that you interact with your runners! 

So without further ado, here's week 1!


Its been a learning experience, but it's also been really great for my well being, posture, health, and soul. So follow me on my journey to a half! I'll be checking in every week!
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