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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As some of you know, I've started running again, which has made finding a great running bra top priority on my to-buy list. While it used to be a smaller problem, since i'm breastfeeding now, I really needed a supportive sports bra.
Now, I usually don't wear Victoria's Secret bras because they typically don't have a lot of bras in store in my size (I do love their undies, nighties and makeup!). Now, im a believer! I'll have to go try one now!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a free VS Sport 'Incredible' Sports Bra and be a #VSSportsTester thanks to Influenser and immediately gave it a try. Now im a 38D, so we have quite a bit to hold down! I feed Beckett and pump before running so the girls are 'empty' but they're still big! I really like having them strapped down.. so they don't hurt my back or you know, slap me in the face.
The 'Incredible' does just that for me. It lifts them up just enough so that they are where they need to be (a good fit put your girls halfway between your shoulder and elbow). The under wire gives me support without being uncomfortable. I can't even feel them when im running. The back has a clasp so that you can loosen or tighten the part under your breasts. Usually a mile or so in, im already in pain, and I felt great for my entire 3ish mile run!

Since i've had this bra, it has made my runs so much easier as I can concentrate on running and not futzing with whatever bra I have on. It really makes a difference (to me!). 
 Oh... it's not orthopedic looking either- all the support and lift, while still looking sexy!
 photos via Victoria's Secret

I had little hope for this bra as i've been looking high and low for a new bra, but let me tell ya. It's awesome. When they said 'maximum support' they aren't lying!

It comes in a handful of fun colors- I received a yellow and grey one, and went out and purchased (yes, I liked this bra so much, I spent my own money on a second one!) in pink!

If you are bustier, like me, this is a really great option! I've thoroughly enjoyed this bra!

I also received 6 pairs of VSSport Mesh Sport Socks, and they're great! They are just thick enough on the bottom, mesh up top, and have a taller heel so that they don't fall into your shoes! They are moisture wicking, so they keep your feet dry. And they are the most fun, girly colors!
Photo Via Victoria's Secret
I'm really happy that Victoria's Secret invested in their sports line. It's been a long time coming, but so far, I love what I see!
(Thanks to Influenster and Victoria's Secret for the great product to test and review!)
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