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Friday, November 14, 2014

Beckett has some exciting news...
Yup! That's right! We are moving back to Texas! Colby was offered a transfer with his company to their Plano offices, so off we go! And off we go next weekend! Yes- that quick!

While we are so excited to get back to the land of Tex-Mex, Whataburger, BBQ, Blue Bell (and our family), we will miss our Bay Area friends terribly. We have been so lucky to have met some lifelong friends along the way. We have all crossed paths for a reason! Beckett's first friend is here and we promise to keep in touch, so that they can be college roommates! 

We have been lucky to be here to see my best friend and my cousin get engaged and married, I ran my first half marathon, and mastered the art of scarf wearing and layering. I've loved this area since I first came to visit in 2005 and have loved living here for the last two years. It is so bittersweet. (Although im not going to miss the cost of living or the state tax...)
San Jose/ Palo Alto/ The Bay Area will always hold a special place in our hearts- this is where we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and started our family. Beckett will always know that this is where he is from, although he will have dual citizenship, you know, just in case ;)

So off we go on another adventure! Plano, here we come!
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