Beckett's 1st Halloween!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Beckett's first Halloween was just as I expected.. totally fun, and outrageously adorable!
The Tuesday before Halloween I took my little Kermie to Santana Row for their Mommy & Me Halloween Family Fest. From what I had heard it was a smallish Halloween party where you could dress up your kiddo, decorate pumpkins, safely trick-or-treat, and have a great time.. BOY was I wrong! We got there a little late and there was no less than 5,000 people there. It was a crowded mess!
  Since we were already dressed (and there, and finally found parking!) I decided to brave the masses and stay for a little!
Beckett was the cutest Kermit the Frog! We decorated a pumpkin (well, I stuck some stickers on it while he tried to eat a blue marker...) and walked the row before bailing! There were just too many people!
It rained on Halloween, which was a bummer (and a blessing! We need rain!) so we took some photos inside before putting our costume on again and heading to Campbell for Trick-or-Treating with his buddy Cole!
We met up with our friends Ashley & Jeremy and let the boys Trick-Or-Treat together! It was so fun! The boys were so cute and so well behaved!
Kermit the Frog and Jim Harbaugh
Kermit the Frog and Hipster Kitty
It was a great first Halloween and I am SO excited for next year! I'm already brainstorming costume ideas!

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