Nine Months.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We have a 9 month old. I repeat a 9 MONTH OLD. Whoa, time, please slow down!
Beckett is now  22 lbs 6.5 ounces and 30"(!) tall. He still has the biggest, sparkling grey blue eyes, and his blonde peach fuzz hair is getting thicker every day! His hair is finally laying down and getting thicker by the second! The new growth is white blonde, so he could totally be a toe head, but we will have to wait and see! We moved him into size 4 diapers and have been happy we did! As far as clothes go, he's in 6-9 month H&M clothes, 12 months in Burts Bees and 12 month in everything else- he even fits into some 18 month Ralph Lauren clothes! We aren't buying anything than 12-18 month sizes moving forward. He's really tall and thin so, finding pants that are long enough are still a little big. He wears a size 2 shoe, and has been wearing wither 6-12 month and 12-18 month size Robeez.  (which we LOVE!)
We have such a great eater! I started making his food for dinner and unless we are out and about, he doesn't get the pouches anymore. (They are still great and we didn't stop giving them to him for any reason more then I wanted to make his food! They are great for dinners out!) He really likes sweeter foods (who doesn't) but is getting used to more savory things as we keep trying. I made him roasted carrots and mango, roasted cinnamon apples, roasted banana and blueberries, roasted broccoli carrots and mango, potatoes, spinach and roasted pears, and roasted acorn squash with fresh herbs. For dinner he gets two scoops of rice cereal and we have started mixing in a fruit or veggie and that seems to keep him happy and full! He's also been getting a scoop or two of cereal for lunch with some fruit which he quite enjoys! He also loves his Mum-Mums, HappyPuffs to work on his hand eye coordination, and he LOVES them. He also loves mushed up bananas, little pieces of bread, pizza crust, and basically anything else he can get in his mouth. He's been using a straw now for quite some time (oh hey life skill!) so he can drink his 'cold water!' He still gets milk in the morning and nap time and right before bed. He also loves frozen cubes of food in his Sassy Teething Feeder! (His fav? Cinnamon apples and banana/peach or banana/pineapple!)
Still hit and miss with the sleeping all night thing, but we have chalked it up to teething and have been trying our best to keep him comfortable as best we can. He goes down and either sleeps all night long, or gets up a couple hours after he goes down (around 11pm-12am) and sometimes around 4am. He takes a nap for 30mins to 2 hours (again, hit and miss!) in the morning around 10am, and then a nap again in the late afternoon! He's still a belly sleeper and we've even caught him sleeping on his side a few times!
 Awake Time:
We love play time! He's more into 'playing' then ever before which is so fun to watch! He's crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything.. he's even 'walking' around his Room2 and the couch/ ottoman. He's still the best shopping buddy, and is even a great companion out to dinner! He loves to 'read' (or eat his books) and still lets us read to him before bedtime! We can pretty much get him to laugh on cue and he babbles up a storm! He LOVES to swing at the park. We go every day if we have time!  
it's so hard getting a clear pic of these two baby buddies! 
Our little sunshine is always a happy baby! He laughs, smiles, bats his beautiful eyes, you name it! Still working on the waving and high fives, but he's getting there! He will let you know if you are ignoring him, or if you aren't shoveling food into his mouth fast enough! He is a little daredevil.. he's escaped his highchair a couple times (always supervised-I wanted to see what he would actually do!) so he's going to keep us on our toes! He loves Good Morning America, especially Ginger, the meteorologist, and Kelly & Michael.. as well as Curious George (George!) and Jake and the Neverland Pirates (which his father and I actually enjoy.. haha) He still plays his games on the iPad and has learned that he has to touch the shapes, letters or numbers to make it sing! He's such a smartie! When he's upset, his favorite song to make him happy is 'Turn Down for What'.. I wish I was kidding! He loves music and loves to sing, which is what he's doing in 90% of the photos I take of him..! He really hugs you back when you hug him and he holds on to you when you pick him up. It's the sweetest thing!
Playing peek-a-boo! with himself after FaceTime!
My little songbird!
told ya.. he loves Kelly and Michael!
Firsts and Milestones!
We have a first tooth! He's got one fang! Yes, my kid would get his first tooth on the top! Drinking from a straw! He cheered me on during my first Half Marathon! Attended his first whole wedding (the whole ceremony and reception!) Celebrated his first Halloween and took his first trip to the pumpkin patch! Got to go to the office with his daddy to show off his Halloween costume! Cheered on the San Francisco Giants to their 3rd World Championship in 5 years! He is a highchair master now and loves being involved in dinners! He got to take a bath in a real bath tub! (totally forgot to get a pic! Boo!) He also got to spend a long weekend with all our family on my side for my cousin's wedding! He is so loved!
trick-or-treating with his best buddy, Cole!
with the beautiful bride, his godmother, Veronica!
With his great grandparents! the faces he makes.. OY. haha
he seriously adores his uncle nic!
Beckett Bear, Boo Boo, Mr Boo Boo Beckett Bear, Mr. B, Baby Boy, Cheeky Cheeky Boy, Bubbie, Mr. Handsome, Little Sir, Cranky Pants, DJ Poopie Pants and my favorite Cutie Bear. 

Beckett, you are more of a joy to your Daddy and I then you will ever know. Your smiles, laughs and cries make our hearts smile. We are so glad you chose us to be your parents and we are so happy to stumble through life together. We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next month brings! We love you to the moon and back! 
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