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Friday, February 6, 2015

Since i've got so much going on and my life currently consists of nothing but lists, I figured i'd link up with the girls of Carolina Charm, A.Liz Adventures, Hello! Happiness and The Good Life Blog and share 5 major (Beckett!) things going on this week!

1. Beckett is turning 1 (!) on Sunday and we are having his party on Saturday. I can't wait to share all the adorable details of his party, but you'll have to wait til next week! Here is a sneak peek of some of the decor!

2. Speaking of an almost 1 year old, we had his 1 year old portraits and a cake smash session taken a couple weeks ago, and we just LOVE how they turned out! How cute are these little feeties? Such a little boy picture.. overalls, bare, dirty feet.. Kristen (Kristen Hafner Photography) did such an amazing job! 

3. We started a new bedtime routine with Beckett and IT'S WORKING! If you have been struggling with getting your baby to sleep, changing your normal routine up a bit, paired with blackout curtains and a sound machine are currently working wonders.. we are taking 11 hours of SOLID SLEEP after months of getting up every 2-4 hours. WOO!

4. My son weighs 26 Pounds. 26 POUNDS. A one year old that weighs 26lbs has got to mean we have a future JJ Watt on our hands, right? We noticed his hands getting huge bigger this last week and after weighing him its no wonder he's heavier (by 2 lbs from 11 months!)! He's a growing boy! Even with all the running and walking he's been doing for the past month, he's still got a big appetite! Hello future football star!

5. The older Beckett gets the more he's learning (obviously) and he's talking a lot! He still says 'ma-ma', 'da-da', 'dogs' (or 'og') and 'hush!' because our dogs bark all the time. Sometimes he's really chatty and he always sounds like The Swedish Chef from the Muppets! It's so funny and adorable!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and come back next week to see all of Beckett's party goods!

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