Last Friday Night.. and the rest of the weekend too...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

better late than never!
last friday night CL and i headed south on 35 to new braunsfels to visit my dad for his birthday. he took us to dinner (funny how that works lol) at coopers bbq- OMG so good. (this is 3 peoples food, don't worry mom, i didnt eat it all. nic did.)

we then met up with my brother, who also came down, and we went to billy's to watch the midnight river choir.

we all had a great time! it was fun just hanging out. we had every intention on being home by midnight as we had people staying at our house for ACL, but as it happens, we didn't get home until 4am. 

i love ACL weekend, not because we go (we havent been in 2 years!) but because some of our favorite friends from houston have a permenant reservation in our guest room and come to visit! its always a great time when ryan and jamie come to play!

we hung low all saturday and grabbed a bite at 'your moms burgers' before they headed out to the festival. oh did i mention it was RAINING? yea, it was. anywho. your moms burgers-- stuffed burger heaven. SO good.

we met up with them at betsy's after the show was over that evening and started the evening off with the most intense game of jenga, ever.

 this pic sorta summarizes the evening. haha.

sunday was another slow start, as we were out til 4am, again. we grabbed a late lunch at black sheep lodge-- they claim to have the best burger in austin, and im not going to disagree with them.

we dropped them off at ACL then went home to relax. i cooked sauce and meatballs ( i swear i did more than eat that weekend!) amd right before CL went to go pick them up i got the best email saying that.. 

yup. a job. a real (part time) job. in interior design. it was like the stars aligned. i really love the designer im working for and she has a ton of great projects going on. i am so blessed and excited and overjoyed and every other good adjective i could possibly use! i have to thank hailey for the referral-- girl, you saved me from insanity!

hope you all have been having a great week! 
more to come tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm so glad you got a job working in interior design! That's where you SHOULD be!! Best of luck! :)


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