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Friday, September 23, 2011

this is why i love my fiance.

monday night i got home late from an interview i was doing for the magazine. i was really confused as i walked up the stairs into our townhouse.. the dogs were in their room, the lights were all off, it smelled amazing, and there were candles, everywhere. i was completely thrown off. i yelled 'i know your not proposing! we are already engaged!'
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i walked in to a spotless, candle lit house.. every candle we own was lit.. from the kitchen to the living room.. all the way upstairs. he had even cleaned the sheets, made the bed, everything. (the rest of the house was already clean from the weekend) he just wanted to do a little something special for me before i started my new job. i know, sweet, huh?
he even recorded dancing with the stars for me.
what a catch!
i love you cl.

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