weekend rewind.

Monday, September 12, 2011

what a busy weekend it was!

early saturday morning, CL and i got up, and on the road and headed to dallas for the day! of course we stopped in waco.. you know, to use the restroom AND get coffee from common grounds. yup. we waited an hour or so to get coffee. like it was so many times before, it was delish. only one complaint-- they don't have the s'more coffee anymore! lame. so we both got a milky way instead. yum!

we made it to plano in the early afternoon, and got to spend the day with CLs sister, her new baby gwen (our niece), her fiance john, and his son wesley. it was so great to meet the baby. she is so sweet and tiny. it was so sweet to see CL interact with her. he's going to be a great dad some day. kirbi looks amazing for just having a baby less than 2 weeks ago-- she was seriously all baby!
(yup. im marrying that guy. so sweet.)


that evening, we met up with brittany and her hubs brandon at their adorable apartment (no, seriously, adorable!) then we all went to dinner. we went to blue mesa and it was delish! i even tried one of their 'blue' margaritas! it was the first time we had seen each other since their wedding and our engagement, so we had lots to chat about! i mean, we talk every day but you know! it was so wonderful to spend time with them! hopefully we can come visit again soon, or they can make it down to austin!

after dinner we hit the road and headed home. but not without stopping in west to get some kolaches! of course they didn't last long, we had them for breakfast on sunday morning, and they were delicious! if your ever in the area, you MUST stop at the czech stop and get some! YUM!

the rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.. except for that whole running over and killing pepe le pew and losing my debit card, but thats a sore subject.
hope you all had a great weekend!

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