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Friday, March 8, 2013

happy friday, y'all! hope you have had a great week! and NO, no baby for me!

I feel like  I need to take a load off and vent. nothing major, just a lot that needs to get aired out.

i do not understand how one works out every.single.day. eats healthy and in moderation. and hasn't lost a single pound. not a single pound. i kid you not. we actually thought the scale was broken, but we have some handweights and double checked. (im still not convinced). i know that muscle weighs more than fat and i know my body is changing (hello curves!) but still. im trying a new eating plan next week, so we will see. anyone every have this problem?

i sometimes wish there was a place (not this blog anymore!) where I could vent. like really vent, without anyone seeing it or getting their feelings hurt. i guess i'll have to revert to handwriting my feelings and lighting the paper on fire and releasing my irks unto the universe. i wonder how my apartment is going to feel about that! haha

i am still not 100% used to living in california. i mean, its cold here, still (weird) and it rains periodically (even weirder.) like to the point where i believe i've out worn the 4 long sleeved shirts i own. haha.

and while im on the topic of 'i live in california', all my houston friends are all like, 'its rodeo season', and all my austin friends are like 'omg sxsw' and im like i live in california, bitches! but seriously. living here is indefinitely more fun than both said events.

and last but not least, my oldest friend of 23 years is now a mom! on march 6, michelle and eddie welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the world, elle deńee is just perfect! congrats you two!
The Contemporary Capture
welcome to the world, elle!
have a great weekend everyone!

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