Wedding Catch Up: Bridal Portraits

Friday, May 3, 2013

when it came to taking bridal portraits, i had NO idea where to take them. or if the look was all going to come together. or if we were going to have time. (I ordered my dress extra late. oops). but it did.
all the cool locations to shoot cost big $$ and i wasn't about to do that. my mom asked me where somewhere that meant something to me was, and i had no idea. then a lightbulb went off. ZTA has been a huge part of my life, and the ZTA house at UT is a Texas Landmark, and it clicked. it didnt have to be home, it just had to feel like home.
we started off at the hair salon where my mom brought my dress inside. she didnt want it to get hot and bothered. so inside a hair salon my dress hung while i got my hair done. some people call bridals 'trials' and thank goodness they do. i wore my hair down for my portraits and didnt love it. it just wasn't right. beautiful, but not perfect. thankfully, we still had time to think of what the perfect 'do would look be, and i think for the wedding, we hit it out of the park.
i had already gotten my makeup done a couple times with my make up artist, concetta, so we had almost perfected my wedding day look. 
when we put the dress on at the ZTA house it became real. when the veil went on, it got really real. and when i was standing there getting my photos taken, i hadn't felt that special in a long time.
here are a few of my faves!
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  1. Gorgeous! :)
    I didn't love my hair in my bridal portraits, either. So thankful they're "trials!"


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