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Thursday, May 6, 2010

i wish life imitated this photo. it makes me sing taylor swift's "today was a fairytale". it makes be believe in eternal summer love. and fun. it makes me smile on a not so great day. and it makes me proud to know that this isn't some picture i borrowed from google or weheartit. it's my grandparents on their honeymoon. it looks like a j.crew ad and i absolutely adore it. and i know when my momadear sees that i posted this she will smile. and that makes me happy ♥

nothing really life altering has happened in the last few days. CL and I are bracing for the madness that is the month of may. we literally have zero weekends free or alone... and not that that is a bad thing! everything we have planned is going to be SO much fun!

my mom is coming into town this weekend for mothers day! yay! we have a few fun things planned.. you know grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning-- haha! jk! but really we do have a few fun things planned! hope all of you remember your mothers/grandmothers/aunts/mother figures in your lives this weekend!!


  1. I am in love with this photo! Look how PRESH your grandmother was! Love, love, love her shoes and you're right: SO J.Crew!

  2. You are the sweetest daughter/granddaughter ever!! Love You!!

  3. Love this picture! Your grandparents were so posh back then!! :o)


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