Wedding Catch Up: The Honeymoon!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I know that everyone says they had the best honeymoon, but when I say, "We had the best time!", I really mean it!
We left Monday morning-- bright and early, to catch a flight from 
Austin to Atlana, GA to San Juan, PR, to Vieques.
Yes. 3 Flights to get to paradise.
When you arrive to the W Vieques Resort and Spa you have a private check in at the airport with free drinks. Yes, free drinks! Your then whisked away to the resort!
How beautiful is this place?! The hotel and hotel grounds were just stunning.
The first night we just enjoyed being married and on vacation! Lots of Champagne, and room service (hello, we were exhausted!) 
The second day we just lounged around the resort.. beach for a while, pool for a while.. then back to the beach. We had dinner reservations at the hotel restaurant, and it was SO good!
 The next day we had rented a jeep to explore the island. Vieques is a SMALL island- really just 2 townships and there are more horses than people.It ended up raining, but we still had a great time!
This is a 300 year old Ceiba Tree!
We even found the hidden black sand beach!
Since we had the jeep, we had dinner in one of the towns. It was fun getting out! It was also super humid that day.
The fourth day we went scuba diving! Colby had never gone and I have only gone once, and we decided it would be silly not to go! It was a beautiful day and the water was perfect! We had such a great time! Colby is hooked!
We inadvertently got a little too much sun that day, so went back to the hotel, cooled off in the pool and ordered room service. 
The last day we just enjoyed the beach. Colby was still a little sun sick, so I enjoyed the sun, and he enjoyed the large umbrellas on the beach.
That night we did the Bio Bay Tours. IT WAS CRAZY COOL. If you're ever in Puerto Rico, you have to do this. There is no way to explain it, it is just the coolest thing, ever.
We finished our last evening at dinner at the hotel again. It was so sad knowing that we were leaving the next day!
The next morning we got up, finished packing, and headed to the airport. It was a long day, but we made it home, safely with a lifetime worth of memories!
I did NOT want to leave! ;)
Where did you go on your honeymoon? Or latest trip? We are always looking for new, exciting places to visit!
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