Four Months.

Monday, June 9, 2014

We have a 4 month old! HOLY MOLY! Where has the time gone?!
Stats: Beckett is now 16 pounds, 14.5 ounces and 27.25" long (99th percentile!) We still have big blue eyes and blondish hair. He has big sweet cheeks and the most kissable lips, if you can get past the slobber! He's in size 2 diapers and 6-9 month clothes! I swear every morning he wakes up bigger and heavier. Its amazing how fast he is growing!
baby selfie.
Food: Still milk only. He eats more, less times a day. I think he eats 6ish times a day now. He's getting harder and harder to keep still when I feed him since he is more and more aware of his surroundings! Sometime I literally have to hold him down! He is better about taking a bottle. Sometimes when I know we are going to be out and about, I bring a snack bottle and he takes it just fine!
   Sleep: Sleep. He's still sleeping in his crib and was sleeping solidly through the night (6-7 hours) until about two weeks ago when the monster that is called the '4 month sleep regression' hit in. He is learning to sleep like an adult (REM sleep and light sleep) and he was just not having it. CL is really great at getting him to go down once he's up which is very appreciated because sometime it's pretty frustrating. We knew this was just a phase and a lot of people go through it, so we took every night as it came. Good thing we all like to cuddle! Luckily it only took a couple nights to get back on track, and every night he is better and better and is back to 'normal' now! He is still napping like a champ- once in the morning, afternoon and early evening.  He will still fall asleep in my lap/arms and I love watching him sleep in the non-creepy way.

Awake Time: 
Gosh I love awake time. He is such a sweet baby and I love spending my time with him. We have play group on Monday and story time and songs at the library on Friday and try to have a play date with our friends during the week! He still likes hanging out in his Momaroo (especially in the mornings when I have my coffee and breakfast while we watch Good Morning America! lol) and has tummy time just about every time we play (up to 3 times a day!) He is grabbing everything and loves playing with his new 3 month+ toys. Watching him learn is pretty damn cool. He can hold on to and play with most of his toys, can make most of his toys play music when he presses the buttons, and can grab and throw his football toy. Seriously, I have to keep a close eye on that toy, and have washed it more times than I can remember! He is also sticking everything in his mouth.. all his toys, his hands, our hands, my hair- you name it! He drools a lot, which is making me think that some teeth are on their way, so he's constantly gnawing on everything! He is learning to splash more and more every bath time, which is so fun, even if it makes a mess. His arms and legs are getting stronger every day. When he stands up, he means it! And 3 little words that make my heart melt.. OPEN. MOUTH. KISSES. He's learning.
  Personality: Our sweet by gets sweeter and sweeter every day. Yes, he has his moments, what baby doesnt?!, but for 99% of the time, he is a smiling, giggling, happy baby. He interacts with his baby friends at playgroup and has started interacting with more and more adults. He's trusting to other adults so he gets to spend time with our friends and family without being a lil' monster. He's great at restaurants and when we are out and about. He babbles up a storm too! Definitely takes after his momma and daddy when it comes to chit chatting! He's even warming up to Molly! It's so cute to watch them interact! And this pic below? I mean, come on!
hey guys! look at my butt!
(listen carefully around the 30 second mark...)

  Firsts & Milestones: More rolling over! He is rolling over pretty regularly, (at least once a day!) and getting better and better at it! We also went to the zoo (park?) for the first time with our Mom's group! It was so fun! We celebrated Mother's Day and Our 2nd anniversary. We took him to his first baseball game (read about it here!) and his first Greek festival. He went for his first swim in the pool. He's gone to a couple nice dinners in Palo Alto and in San Francisco and was a total good boy! Story and song time at the library, and lots of play dates at the park! He also went to his first movie, Chef, with his baby buddy Cole and his momma Ashley!

  Nicknames: Beckett Bear, Boo Boo, Mr Boo Boo Beckett Bear, Mr. B, Baby Boy, Cheeky Cheeky Boy, Bubbie

This has been the best month yet! You are an absolute joy in our lives and we love you to the moon and back!
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