You will never catch me...

Monday, June 16, 2014

You will never catch me...

without my cell phone/camera. hello, i have a 4 month old and must.document.every.moment.
i mean, what if i missed this adorable smile?!
turning down dessert. i have the worlds biggest sweet tooth! fruit, chocolate, ice cream.. i love it all!

without a pair or two of converse or vans in my closet. im secretly a 12 year old boy when it comes to shoes.

paying full price for almost everything. i love a sale. 

changing the radio when any john mayer song comes on.

sitting still for an entire movie. i just can't. 

spending money just because. every cent counts, yall. each purchase has a purpose! (yes, I am that frugal.)

not talk to my mom almost every day. 

being super spontaneous. i've been talking about cutting my hair for months. literally. i'm a planner!

not worrying about something. i never relax. it drives CL nuts!

not being family oriented. my family means the world to me!

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