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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's no surprise that I love Sundays. They have been my favorite for quite some time. There is just something magical about a Sunday!

The last two Sundays have been nothing short of special, either.

Two weeks ago we decided to go to the Mountain View Farmers Market in Mountain View. Its one of the biggest and best, and it did not disappoint!
 Tons of vendors lined the street (actually it was a parking lot!) with all their goodies! I just love all the fresh produce we have access to!
 After the market, we decided to grab a late breakfast at Cafe Olympus. It was a beautiful morning, and we had the opportunity to enjoy a yummy meal under the big trees on the patio, and I'm so glad we did. We never really take for granted the beautiful weather and we know we are spoiled rotten, so we never miss an opportunity to grab a meal outdoors!
After our late breakfast, we took Beckett to the pool for the first time! It has been hot very warm (90s) so we knew it was time to dip him in!
yes, i know. our hallway makes it look like we live in a hotel. we fancy.
He did SO great! We slathered him in sunscreen (we use aveeno baby spf 55 with permission from our pediatrician)  put on his reusable swim diaper, bathing suit, rash guard, hat and sunglasses and grabbed his floatie and headed to the pool!

The water was a bit cold (even for me) so he didn't stay in long, but we think he liked it!
After his swim we hung out for a bit in a cabana, and he surprised us both by rolling over! And I caught the whole thing on video!
This past Sunday, CL mentioned the San Jose Greek Festival, and since it was another beautiful day, we decided to check it out!
We dressed Mr. B in his best blue and white outfit and headed to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for lunch. We had free tickets thanks to their facebook, so that was a plus! 
who you lookin' at?
There was Greek dancing, Greek music, and of course a lot of delish Greek food!
All the older Greek women just loved Beckett and his kissable cheeks. We are always told how blessed we are, and we absolutely know it!
We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and got ready for the week! Hope you had a great weekend, especially Sunday!

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