my 1st attempt at event planning.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

this is one of the reasons i've been so busy lately!
i helped a client plan and coordinate her and her husband's 10th anniversary party! it was a surprise for him, so we got to use code in emails, and keep our mouths shut! it was so much fun planning, and they (kevin and susan) had a great time! i coordinated everything-- from the food, to the decor-- the only things i didn't do was book the band (Kelly Willis!) and their ride (a Blackhorn Bus!). All the vendors were so easy to work with and I hope to work with them again! (Thanks Marquee Rents, The Best Wurst, Central Market, and Rock and Roll Rentals!!)

we only hit a few snags.. one underestimating the amount of help (thank you SO much CL. you saved the day! i couldn't have done it without you!) and the other being the rain. it was supposed to be an outdoor party, but mother nature decided moments before the party started to absolutely downpour. CL and I had to rush to get most of the stuff into the clubhouse. What a nightmare! We had just spent the better half of the afternoon meticulously setting everything up, lighting candles, hanging birds.. and it was all wiped out in a moment! boo. luckily we had a photographer there to take pics of everything before we moved it all inside!

here are a few pics i snagged off my phone, i wish i would have had time to take a few more, but when we get them from the photographer i'll post them!

 the uhaul with just the rentals from marquee.. when we were done with everything it was packed!!

 all done and set up.. moments before...

 the downpour :(

YUMMM!! best wurst!!

 everyone inside dancing to the band!

 signs i made.. there was one for the keg too!

everyone watching the slideshow.. it was so cute!

CL and I have spent the rest of the weekend poppin' advil (my back is KILLING me!) and relaxing! he now is totally on board for hiring a wedding planner!!

hope you all had a great weekend!

oh ps. so much for the rapture, huh?


  1. Everything looked great! I know who to call for future event planning . . . and interior design. ;)

  2. Oh Mah word.... I don't want to hire a wedding planner but I feel like it is a must....
    The night looked wonderful though!!


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