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Friday, May 20, 2011

sorry i have been so MIA lately. i know you are all losing sleep over my lack of posting. (haha)

luckily i've just been super busy and not given up on this blog. i just haven't had a moment to myself where i felt a nap was less superior than posting. i'll try and catch you all up!

the end of april, colbys grandma came to visit.. which sparked the 'lets get both families together to meet dinner'. it was wonderful. it made our engagement seem to much more real to have all the family together. we had a private dinner at hudson's on the bend (YUM)and it really was a lovely evening. we even capped off the weekend with brunch at abel's on the lake.

my mom came up for mother's day and we spent that friday looking at wedding venues. i never realized that all the places i knew i would love, i hated. and it's been a much harder path to find the perfect place. but as it would seem, the second to last place we 'quick ran in to look at' would have been 'the one'.im not saying where, but (if and) when there is a contract and a date, i'll maybe let you know!

(sorry this is all over the place)

my cousins and aunt from florida had a wedding in buda so naturally we had to see them! it was so fun to have them all in austin even if it was only for the evening! we all met up at the dogwood for a few drinks, then headed to shakespeares. it definitely was a great night!

game day was awesome!! if you did not read any of my BvB posts (shame on you!) you missed out! the weather was perfect and duh, BLONDES WON! (there will be a whole post on our win as soon as the pics are posted!) it was such a great experience and i can't wait 'til next year! i jammed my finger, which sucks, but it was totally worth it. Yay blondes!!
 photo via kvue news

ok, i promise to be better about posting from here out! i am not nearly as busy now!

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