wedding wednesday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 another wedding post! finally!
(and yes, thanks to photoshop and my awesome skills, i made my own wedding wednesday pic with my actual ring. go me!)

i met with a wedding coordinator today and she was awesome. (i will reveal her after theres a signed contract!) not only is she a ZTA (!!) but but she got me, what i wanted and knew exactly the direction we are going in for the wedding within 20 mins. it was awesome! she's even helped us in booking the venue already! (i haven't been able to get in touch with them in a LONG time!) as soon as we book the venue, we need to book a photographer, and i'll feel like we finally are really having a wedding! im getting way excited! i know once we have an official date i can finally (officially) ask my bridal party, start looking at dresses (not that i dont already have a file full of them!) flowers, decor, bands.. the list goes on! im trying to not get ahead of myself, but i am so excited!

thats all wedding related news for now! stay tuned!!

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