a few things i hate about facebook.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

these are my opinions, and my opinions only. if you have a problem with something i may mention, im sorry, but we are all adults here.
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  1. when people link their facebook/twitter/tumblr/whatever social network together. i dont need to see the same damn thing posted everywhere more than once-- especially when it shows up twice back-to-back in my feed. annoying!
  2. and yes, while i am very excited that your expecting, i really can't stand the 'baby's progress' app that you install and when it shows up on my feed, i really am not interested in the fact that your baby is the size of a grapefruit. as long as the baby is healthy, thats all i care about. and yes. i blocked it.
  3. naked photos of your kids on facebook. this is the internet people. think about it.
  4. people who change their status more than once an hour. we don't care what your doing 24/7. facebook is a great tool to keep in touch, not stalk you. and if you depend so much on the internet, shouldn't you be worried about a lack of friends and real relationships? maybe go for a walk?
and a special #5.
this has little to do with facebook except for the fact that this information is relayed to me via the fb.
there is a special place in hell for people who BEG others to donate money to pay your vet bills, when you then turn around and BUY A HOUSE and a fancy SUV. maybe you should get your priorities straight. i don't know about you, but people who are selfish to this extent are absolutely disgusting. i can't even imagine how you sleep at night.

how's that for a tuesday post?

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