Oh Christmas Tree!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Since we didn't get to decorate or have a tree for Christmas last year because of the move, I was even more excited than I usually am to get our Christmas boxes out this year!
We usually decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but since we were still in Texas, we had to postpone our tree adventure to the weekend after!
CL did some research and found a great cut-your-own-tree farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos, and y'all, it did not disappoint! Cutting our tree has become our favorite Christmas tradition so we were both pretty excited to finally go get the tree.
After a hike up the hill (in the jeep of course!) we made it to Four Winds Christmas Trees and it was the most picturesque tree farm i've ever been to!
Free hot chocolate, hot apple cider, a saw and the open and we were off to find our perfect tree!
  Apparently we are pretty quick shoppers as we quickly found the perfect tree! (We measured our space so we knew what we were looking for before we left the house!) 
We picked the most beautiful tree, and even when we were carrying it back to car people were like 'OOH great tree!'!
We bundled the tree up and tied it to the jeep before walking around the grounds for a little while, it was just too pretty to leave that soon! The views were spectacular!
This may be the best photo my husband has ever taken. No lie.
 We got the tree home and decorated it and the house! It the holidays here now! We even watched Elf!
yes, that is our entire living area in our huge apartment. and yes, im watching elf, wearing an elf hat. :) and no, when i sit on the couch all the way, my feet barely make it over the edge!
Hope you all have gotten bitten by the Christmas bug as well! What's your favorite Christmas tradition?
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