Our 1st California Christmas!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Since I can't travel because of baby boy, we knew we wouldn't get to see any family for the Christmas holidays. While it was really hard, it was also really nice and relaxing. 

Since I knew way ahead of time that i'd be preparing all our holiday meals, i started shopping and prepping a week out, which made everything SO easy day of. 

Christmas eve was really relaxed. CL worked a half day and brought home lunch while I tidied the house and baked some cookies. We leisurely hung out around the house until it got dark. My Dad called and asked me if I was homesick yet and of course that triggered my hormones and not being home for the holidays hit me like a brick. I know he didn't mean to, someone was bound to bring it up! Luckily I was able to collect myself and CL and I were out to enjoy some Christmas lights.

We headed to downtown San Jose to Christmas in the Park. Christmas in the Park is a carnival, tree extravaganza, ice skating, shows- you name it- right in the middle of downtown San Jose. There were a ton of people out and about, so we were definately not alone. It was fun to see all the Christmas trees decorated- there were hundreds!
We watched the ice skaters, hoping to see someone wipe out, but settled on just making fun of all the newbie skaters.

Before heading home, we made one last stop to see this house. Turn up the volume and enjoy!
I was so entertained, we actually stayed and watched it 2x! If you've never seen Christmas lights like this in person, you need to! SO much cooler that just watching on the internet!
We got to FaceTime with my family in Houston for a little bit before we ate dinner. I just love and miss my family like crazy. It was kind of fun to know that we were about to sit down and eat the same meal they had just finished up back in Texas! Its the little things!
Momadear, Nic and Mom all managed to squeeze into the camera!
  We always have seafood on Christmas eve. This was my second time to make this recipe, and yall it's so delish. CL ate every last bit!

Before bed, we always open one gift, which happens to always be a new pair of Christmas pajamas from my mom. This is the last year she's getting us pajamas as she passes the torch onto us to carry on this tradition. Its always been my favorite.
Chrismas morning started off with making Chrismas breakfast. I literally wait all year for this treat! since it takes a while to bake, we opened presents in the mean time! 

We didn't go all out this year because of baby, but we still had lots of presents to open thanks to my Mom and CLs parents!
even the pups got presents! antler bones! their fav!
Once we finished opening gifts, breakfast was ready! It was so good! Definitely worth the wait!

after breakfast, we FaceTimed with my family in Houston while they were opening presents. Even though we couldn't physically be there, we got to be there in spirit. I love technology for FaceTime alone. It really makes the miles seem smaller.  It was hard this year since all the cousins were together except for me. I wish I could have been there, but for obvious reasons, couldn't. Next year!!!
Since we had nothing else to do for the day other than watch Christmas movies and eat, again, we decided to head to the movies. We got in a quick Skype chat with our niece and nephew before we left and everything!
We saw 'American Hustle'. It was really good! I didn't even have to get up to pee for the whole film which is a miracle in and of itself considering it was 2.5 hours long!
 When we got home I got another FaceTime call from my family. This is what happened next!

Dinner was our family's lasagna and I only hope that I made my Momadear proud! It was my first lasagna, ever. CL ate it and we've since then polished off all the left overs! I guess it was a success! I also made her Chocolate mousse and it was delish as well! I guess If I ever have to do this again, i'll be a pro!

Even though it wasn't a Christmas that we have had in the past, we had a really great day. Sometimes the simple days are the best!

We still have our decoations up and they aren't coming down until New Years. I don't see the point in taking them down right away! Hell i'd like to keep them up til Baby Boy arrives in February, but I don't see CL allowing that ;) plus we need the space where the tree currently is residing!

We hope you had a great Christmas!
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