Thanksgiving in Texas! Part 1 of 3!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yes, a week long trip to Texas for Thanksgiving is going to be a 3-parter. There is that much to catch up on! We were so excited to spend a week at home after not being able to visit since we moved to California, so there was a lot to be done, a lot of people to see, and a few surprises as well!  Plus, its the last time i'd be traveling (by plane) and seeing most of my family until baby boy is born, so we wanted to make the trip count!
We arrived late Tuesday night in Austin to chilly weather! It was actually colder in Austin that night then it was in San Jose when we left! We were happily surprised when my Mom, brother Nic AND Mr. Rocket (!!!) came to pick us up! Even though we just saw my Mom and Nic in October, it was so great to see them again!
ladies, meet Mr. Rocket. The sweetest lil boy ever in the whole world. and Molly's biological brother! Twins, crazy huh?
As requested, my awesome Mom picked us up Tex-Mex from Maudie's and had it waiting (and hot!) for us when we got to her house! It was SO. GOOD. 11 months without Tex-Mex is just too long to wait! 
We were exhausted, so we all went to bed early so we could get on the road to Houston and try not to hit traffic! 
We were up and out early, and didn't hit any traffic. Any car trip with Mr. Rocket is pretty fun. He's not a good car rider!
Mr Rocket. Butt in my face, head behind my mom. He's redic. and I love him for it.
We got to my grandparents for lunch and it was SO good to give them hugs! Being so far from them is the worst! This was the first time they got to see me pregnant and they both got to see the belly! And to make them even more amazing, they surprised CL and I with a hotel room at the Houstonian for the week as a Babymoon surprise! It was so nice of them to treat us to a special week at such a fab hotel. We are definitely lucky to have them as grandparents and soon great-grandparents!
 We checked into the hotel, and CL took a nap, and I got ready for the evening. (He was up extra early go get some work done remotely, and drove 1/2 way to Houston, so he was excused!)

For dinner that night, we got the whole gang together at El Tiempo for more Tex-Mex (I know.) It was so nice to see my Aunt Kari, Veronica & Claudia, Ms. Diana and all 4 Nelson boys, my Aunt Lorraine, Chris and Jad, and of course my grandparents, mom and brother. We were a huge party (like 17) and loud and fun and it was the best. Im shocked we didn't get kicked out after the 3rd round of drinks! (I had 2 virgin strawberry daqueris thankyouverymuch.)
After dinner, and a photoshoot (ha!) a group of us went to Kung Fu to continue the fun. It was just so fun being around everyone! And yes, I was in a bar. With my belly. and I had a blast!
After midnight, I threw in the towel, and drove my gang home so that I would be well rested for Thanksgiving the next day!
Thanksgiving is seriously one of my favorite holidays because FOOD. haha. We had a small group this year, but it was just as fun as it usually is! The turkey this year was hands down the best in years!
We enjoyed lunch and dessert before heading to CL's parents house in League City. His grandma and Aunt had flown in, and his sister and (soon to be) brother in law were in town with our niece so we were excited to visit with them!
Our niece is seriously adorable and growing up so fast! we had dessert, again, and caught up with everyone. I hadn't seen his aunt or grandma since our wedding, and it is always great to see them. As the night wore on, Im not sure who was more tired, Gwen (our niece) or me. She even asked me to lay down with her to go to bed. So sweet!
Our first three days were jam packed, and there's plenty more! Stay tuned for part 2 & 3!
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