Thanksgiving in Texas! Part 2 of 3!

Monday, December 16, 2013

After a wonderful couple of days, Friday was kind of relaxed, in the best way! CL got up early and went to visit his other grandmother in Tomball, and the rest of us went shopping for baby stuff! Restoration Hardware Baby & Child in Highland Village was actually closer to us then driving 2 hours to the closest one in California, so it was great to go and see everything that we had been looking at online in person.
That evening we headed back down south to my Aunt Carole's house for a pizza party with all the cousins! It was so fun to see everyone- especially my cousin Nicole's new baby boy, Giovanni! He and his sister Sofia are just too adorable!
does he not look like a baby John Legend?! totes adorbs.

 We had pizza and ice cream sandwiches, and to top the night off,  a small little BABY SHOWER. I was shocked. It's considered bad luck in my family to buy baby anything before they arrive, so it was going against every rule (and every baby) we have ever had! I was so thankful that everyone gave us a few small gifts to take back to San Jose for baby boy. There were balloons, cupcakes, a corsage and everything. We are really lucky to have such wonderful family!
Us walking in on the surprise!
 Saturday we went to see my Dad. We hadn't seen him since last Christmas, so it was great to see him and catch up! Talking on the phone and being in person are just two totally different things! we hung out, went and grabbed lunch, and hung out some more. Some times the best times are spent just hanging out!
Before it got too late, we snuck over to my oldest friend, Michelle's house to finally meet her sweet baby girl Elle! Last time I saw Michelle she had just recently found out she was pregnant, and since then, has had a baby, and Elle is now 9 months old! Crazy! 
She is just precious as ever and it was so great to see and Catch up with Michelle too. It's so hard being so far away from all our friends and family, but luckily with social media and FaceTime, we don't miss much!
That evening, we hung out at my grandparents and played a couple of games of Rummikub. Yeah. We are a little obsessed! If you've never played, you should! My brother also got a bee in his bonnet and brought up getting tickets to the Houston Texans/ New England Patriots game the next day. Stay tuned to see if that happened!
My mom took us back to the hotel to see it all dressed up! It was so pretty!
 Part 3, our last days coming up next!
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