weekend rewind (a wedding included!)

Monday, November 14, 2011

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! mine started off on friday... 11-11-11! i picked up a shift at the florist (check back for more on that!) which was cool to "attend" a wedding on that awesome day! we all sat around and waited until the clock struck 11:11am. did you? did you make a wish? i did!

after i was done CL took me to get my bangs trimmed at the mall, and he suggested that we go look at tux's at mens wearhouse. all of a sudden he was getting fitted for his tuxedo for the wedding and it all became very real! we have 6 months to go!

saturday we laid low until it was time to get ready and head to waco for katie and garretts wedding. we got to campus a little early, so we were able to take a short walk. fall (and spring!) were always my favorite times on campus. everything is always so beautiful.

we headed to the chapel at truett seminary for the ceremony. it was really pretty. all my years at baylor and i had never been in there!

the ceremony was beautiful and short, just how they should be :) its always nice to see two old friends tie the knot! after the ceremony we headed over to the palladium for the reception. it was a ton of fun and it was good catching up with my friends from baylor. 

we of course stopped at common grounds on the way home, and thank goodness we did. around 12:30am about 20 miles (17.8 to be exact) outside austin we had a blowout. luckily CL can change a tire and we thought we'd be on our way. apparently not.

 when we got the audi, it had a different spare tire, but i had it checked and both the audi dealer and discount tire told us it wouldn't be a problem.. yea right. not even a mile down the road, the lugs bolted and the tire was falling off. talk about scary. come to find out the rim doesnt exactly fit the car, and some part that holds the wheel on (i have NO idea what it's called) was broken, so that was fun. luckily i have AAA and we were able to get a tow home. 

all of this would have been fine except for two things.. we only have one car right now, and our engagement photos were the next day. luckily my brother came through and luckily i had hidden away some emergency cash, so we were able to replace all 4 tires and get the car repaired. 

we made it to our photos, i even made it to my makeup appt! we had SO much fun and we both absolutely LOVE our photographer. i cannot wait to see and share the pics!

heres a sneak of my makeup- i had it done at bobbi brown at nordstrom and i loved it! thanks maddi!


  1. "the ceremony was beautiful and short, just how they should be :)"

    I will remember you said this when your time comes.


  2. Your make up looks amazing!! I need to remember the bobbi brown counter! Wow!


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