Colby's 10 Year High School Reunion

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So, this is way late, but as I see it, better late than never! Last month (October 8th-ish) CL and I attended his high school reunion in good ole Pearland, TX. It was a lot more fun that I expected!
Everyone was nice and seemed genuinely excited to see CL. I knew a few people there, so it wasn't too terribly awkward. Friday night was the mixer, then on Saturday there was a family picnic then that night was the actual reunion. there were a lot of people there ( i mean, i say alot, I graduated with 56 people, so when 100+ people rsvp from a class of 600 i was impressed). 
it was kind of funny to see how people acted. the assholes were still assholes, the pretty girls were still primping in the bathroom, and the ones you thought would change, still haven't. everyone except one girl told CL and I NOT to have kids. then again, most people there were on kid 2 or 3, so if i was them, i'd probably say the same.
there was a stripper and a couple lap dances (yes, he, it was a dude stripper, graduated with CL), some grafitti-ing of a train, one super awkward run in (seriously people, the more pot you smoke, the dumber you get.) and a lot of good memories.
my 10 year is coming up in a couple years and i can't decide if i'd go or not. the people i wanted to keep in touch with i do, so we will see! have you gone to your high school reunions? will you go if you have one coming up?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea CL went to Pearland! haha! He graduated the year I got there! We just missed each other! What a small world!


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